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Hey Veethi,

Did you request for feedback or the adcom just contacted you ?
got in with 50% fellowship award
I got the mail on 31st March.. but checked it today morning
I i/ved on 27th march.

Best of luck puys!
I got the email from Dean as well about the admit.
puys.. did any admit receive schol yet ?
I got admitted :cheerio:
no info about the schol the though.

App Season so far:

Kelley - Admit
Mccombs - Admit
Marshall - Admit
Cornell - Waitlist
Tepper - Waitlist
Georgetown - Waitlist
My application season has come to a happy end. 0% reject rate

Kelley - Admit
McCombs - Admit
Marshall - Admit
Tepper - Waitlist
Cornell - Waitlist
Georgetown - Waitlist
waitlisted :(
might withdraw

b/w kelley, mccombs and marshall (assuming that you will get an admit ) which one is your top choice ?
lokguru Says
Rejected my CMU-Tepper offer with great pain.... guess I cannot manage the huge loan. best of luck for others !!

Thats unfortunate
so have u decided, where you heading this fall ?