• Suhasini.... :)
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@sushilpatil86 nothing can be predicted as of now, just have patience .... till results are out !!!
@sushilpatil86 we checked it ... its working fine , it seems !!
students profile..... still working on it , soon b available ...!!
SouravRC Says
Waitlisted 17.... wat are my chances as only 10 got cleared in the third list???

Hey dont worry ... lets hope for d best !!!! keep your fingers crossed ...n dont loose hopes!!!

mail the consignment details to
they will reply back as soon as they receive it.

thnx.... but in how many days u got ur seat confirmed??:grin:
Any chances at 60 th rank in 3rd waitlist...going according to last yrs trend & dis years trend......??????????
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hey plz somebody guide me asap...........

i have sent dd by courier how will i receive my acknowledgement dat my admission has been confirmed????????????
Hello everyone!!
i have got thru to SIIB too! for agri business!
wanted to knw about the others who have got thru!
hws the course and the placement scene? though i am workin in this sector for sometime now.. so have a fair idea.. but just wanted to know abt the placemnt scene in here! And also the batch details!

hope to hear from you soon!! :)

i think i noe u .....u were at 10th feb.. morning slot batch...??
Adhith Says
I dont have the certificate of work experience now... can i send across the offer letter and past 3 salary slips??

ya u can send will do...:)
Luckystar Heyy..

You can submit the joining letter. As to the work ex letter, just convey the same to the college. You can also submit the termination letter. What i would suggest is not to keep your work exp during placement process (mainly because they are not issuing it.). Just say that you worked for 4 months and because you didnt complete a minimum period of 6 months, you are not elligible for your work exp.

I dont think it is that big of a problem luckystar. ( its those lucky stars that brought you to SCIT i guess ):)
Cheers mate

hehee...ya stars are lucky i guess to get my admission done in scit!!!!
HEY HI......

Insted of work ex if submit joining letter(joining date) & the termination letter(last working date)
then will dis do....
coz deres no chance of showing my 4 months work exp certificate even at the time of joining....
as company will not be me issuing it !!!

so what to do........???