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@keerthi_koch Oye How did you get badges?

7. can you email post/email/paste the namesor email-ids of the 62 odd people in the mailing list; it would be of tremendous help to everyone.

Please no one share the email IDs.. it only leads to spamming. I for one don't want my email Id to be made public!!

My blog Lucky Murari's Blog here

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Logging in PG after more than a year!!

Converted C

Hii Dream Team,

Hope you guys are doing well.Where are all the remaining guys of the dream team (Lucky Murari and all).....Are you guys content with your results this time or anyone's going to take the exams next year???????

ALL THE BEST to all the guys who have got calls for their GDPI....ROCK ON!!!!

Thanks for the special mention.. I am honored..

I am seeing this message late. I actually did bad last MBA season.. Only convert is SIBM (WL.. I decided that I will put MBA in back-burner and continue with my Entrepreneurial interests.. So, I will pick up MBA dreams only if I don't succeed in next two years... So, I will be less active on PG :(( After all, I have to manage my time
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_India's latent entrepreneurship potential lies untapped because of life skills that aren't taught and social expectations that aren't set right. By addressing these problems in India's bright youngsters through their cu
Santosh Lakshman @luckymurari

Nice article Vijay and all the best for The Startup Centre

How far ( in terms of time ) is SIBM from Pune (never been there)? I want to book my tickets accordingly.

PS: SNAP Score : 139.75 . Slot Feb 5th 9AM :((

I did not write IIFT.. So, no info from me

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Sorry guys.. wasn't active on PG since my CAT FMS was a debacle, SNAP went well (and hence the return )

I cannot attend next meet too .. I am going on TATA Jagriti Yatra ( Homepage - Tata Jagriti Yatra - Awakening the entrepreneurial spirit ) and hence won't be in Hyd till CAT results :(..

You people enjoy the meets ( and think of me once in a while )

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CAT Centre, Date and Slot: CBIT, Hyderabad 18th Nov 2010 , 330PM

1) How many attempts you have made? Don't rem :((( Approximate : QA-16/17 DI-14/15 VA-14/15

2) Your last mock score? If you are there at , please provide the link here.
3) How was your experience of the test?
Well, mixed emotions. As soon as I came out of the center, I was disgusted with my performance. Talking to some people, I realized it was my own bad time management that made it. Later looking into this thread and especially, naga's post, I realized I did not spoil it that bad. Agree I spoilt it, but not very much bad. So, my current opinion (subject to change).

The center was too good and the handling of the exam crossed all my expectations. So, there was no problem from their side. Before the start, I meditated to pass off some time. For no reason, I was low on confidence (for the first time ever) at the beginning of the test. First 3-4 questions took more than 15 mins (not because of difficulty, but coz of my uneasyness). Then picked up the speed. QA questions were mostly concept based and not at all lengthy. So, did well.Took 50 minutes. Then started DI and I lost in it. Wasted a lot of time. I did not follow the advice by previous takers- read q's before data- and rightly got punished (wasted at least 10 mins). Some q's where they require not much calculations had lot of data and I was wasting time in calculating unnecessary stuff. Wasted around 10 mins on the Electricity usage Caselet. Found 1st question did not have the option that matches with the answer I got and hence had to totally leave that caselet. I generally finish DI in 35-40 minutes but this time it took 50 minutes and that too with more than 4 unattempted. Entered VA with 35 minutes to spare. I was experiencing the bladder problem by now. I decided, I will start with my strength - RC's first. Did well in 3 RCs-4,3 and 2 walas. Then going by popular belief (the myth of decreasing difficulty with increasing q. no.), I started doing other Q's from the last.I had not rem how many I did/saw among them. Now seeing Naga's post, I realized that I did the 3PJs, 3SCs(1 unattempted I think).Left 1 PC, 1 Fill up due to lack of time and did not even see the other PC and 2 Fill ups.

4) What was the surprise element for you?
Awesome handling by the centre guys. We were allowed to use rest rooms until the last minute of exam. The q's with wrong options were also surprising!

5) Any tips to handle the computer based exam better? If u r here, then u know it all!!

6) Your overall analysis of the exam. Toughness, sections etc.

QA- Highly conceptual and less of calculations. There was a DI set in this (may be by mistake?) . There was a typo in 1 question - 2005 given instead of 2K8. If u realize it, it was fine. I felt one more q (Cost of production) has wrong options.

DI - Seemingly lengthy, but if u select your questions properly, then it is not as lengthy as it appears. There are speed breakers, calculation intensive ones, time wasters and what not!! All to make your experience bad!

VA - Did not see much of the paper. Of what I saw, RCs were as usual. (TIME Mocks) remaining don't rem.

7) Any other query or something you would like to share with us.
1>There are some questions with wrong options. So, if you don't get an answer that is in options, better to skip it to come back later rather than trying too hard.
2>If you feel a question is lengthy in QA - may be it is coz you are trying the wrong way.Most of times, they are concept based than calculation based.
3>DI, as previous CAT Takers said, I shout it out loud - Please Please Please read the question and data later. Most data is time wasting/ confusing.
4>Use the multiple highlighting feature effectively.Someone said, u can use multiple highlighting even on DI Data. If it is true, take advantage of it to mark some pitfalls!
5> In DI, learn to skip the lengthy questions.

PS: On a humorous note, were all those questions with wrong options supposed to be the anchor questions? This way, they may be testing if we are just guessing or doing before attempting
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