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19 is it?

Ans. x+y =6..

No. is 154672
chandrakant.k Says
No.. but u r very close to the answer!!!

is it 576 ?
noblekalra Says
10 cars is what i get.........

yup ... 10 cars it is...
3 answer hai kya bhai???
5!+4!+............. ye to divisible hai,,,,baaki bacha /9

I think its 3
bhai, i think i understand what u mean to say.....
if the statement says that "atleast 1 is false", then it means that atleast 1 statement should be false, more than 1 can also be false.....they haven't given the upper limit.....
and if out of 20, 10 statements are true....then we can't say that 11 statements could be false

Ya, u r in sync !

Ya u r in sync...

bhai if 10th one is true, then it satisfies all statements from 1 to 9 also.
but then 11th one cannot be true, because if 10 statements are true, then how can "11 be false" as statement 11 says......thats why answer should be 10 i guess

I think the context of the ques is important here.. if the ques says that... if 10th statement says "atleast n statements" are false ie there should be 10 true and 10 false .....
Should we take into consideration, that now 10 statements are true.... and then conclude and say that the 11 th statement cannot be false...
I hope u get what i mean...

p= 11! +1! - 2! i.e
p= 11! - 1

therefore p+2 = 11! + 1
Hence the remainder ---- 1

20th statement..all are false is not possible..
only 19th statement one 19 are false..we can ssume it to be correct and resto be wrong..
so only one statement is true..
pata nahi kuch gadbad ho gaya hai..nahake aata hoon fir aimcat deke shaam ko milta hoon

I think, any statement from 1 to 19th can say that "atleast n statements are false"....