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Was a too hectic day at TAPMI ... If this is the trailor then the picture will be very faadu... hope see our extended batchmates soon....

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Hello puys, It's great to find some people doing great job by helping others in their pursuit of CFA..

I'm a commerce graduate and now going to study PGDM at TAPMI. ..
I also want to study CFA along with MBA.. But i'm a little apprehensive about the things turning out to be too hectic..So I'm confused about taking this Level 1 on december 2010 (or in june, 2011).. So i want to know how much rigorous does it get while studying MBA.. And is this possible to carck level 1 in december 2010 with good grades and also not letting your MBA's grades suffer.. Need some opinios on this, puys....

P.S. I've been working for last 26 months.. So, most of things about finance, I learnt during my grad have become blurred.....

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subu_222412 Says
Me thinking abt it... not sure though...have u by any chance..started preparing for it?

I'm also giving a serious thought to this exam.. Can anyone comment on its exam centre being in India as well?

Puys, has anyone received the refund after cancellation?? It's been more than 18 days i sent the request for refund and no communication has been made whatsoever...
Whenever I call them they say they'd send me the money within a few days... so let me know if anyone has received the money back... Thanks


Please post your full profile?
We can get a better idea from that.

Cat- 88.91%ile
10th -80%
12th -81% -72%

Essay- very good
GD- disastrous (couldn't even speak a line after monologue!!)
Interview- Excellent (They literally told that they would see me in the campus)

P.S. 16 month work ex in sales ( as on Dec. 2009) ... Hope it helps

P.P.S.- Applied for PGDM only

Received a mail today for joining SIMSR (PGDM)...Wasn't even there at the waitlist... They told me to deposit the fees by June 4.... I won't be joining, so atleast one more person (Already having a reject from them) might expect a call... Keep your fingers crossed... ATB

P.S.- I applied for PGDM only


Seniors, A query has been poking me for many days. I tried to quench it myself but couldn't....

As it is confirmed that BFS, Health care and IB courses are getting started this year... As per some previous transcripts, An informal green signal is also given to 60 more seats of PGDM by AICTE.. Making it a batch of 360 students. Now my question is

Whether the strength of faculty is also increased in that proportion?

I'm asking this coz i didn't find any information or even any signal that they are increasing their faculty strength... If they don't increase then it may have serious implications on students' futures..
Need you say, seniors...


Hey puys, I didn't find any google group for TAPMI's PGDM batch 2010-2012, so starting it myself....

Please join.. Here we can come to know ppl coming from common cities, travelling through common trains/ flights. We can also make a list of FAQ for those who re oblivion to the previous queries solved...

It will also help waitlisted candidates....

P.S. Seniors are especially requested to join.....

wild tempest Says
Hi.... is dere anyone who has converted on the 11th and is yet to receive his offer letter? I am yet to receive my offer letter in chandigarh and its 19th already(:wow: ab to kal hi mil sakta hai). Please sum1 guide me what i should do? I've decided to call up Admissions office tomorrow to clarify.:

The whole punjab is governed by the single main branch of first flight couriers, which depatches the courier to it's sub branches after receiving the mails.. and I received my courier in jalandhar on monday morning.. Immediately call the admissions office n get the soft copy. Send the draft as soon as possible coz even if u send on 19th noon, Chances of it reaching on or before 21 are a lil less... Talk to admissions department about the ramifications if in case ur draft reaches late.... Best of Luck!!!!
Mate, if you can't make it into TAPMI with 96.73 percentile, what can I expect with 91.33? Though I have around 15 months of work ex...But I'm NOT an engineer!! :(
All the best to you too, dude!

It's not that they are more skewed towards engineers, Atleast in my case.

I'm a fresher, commerce graduate wid 88.91 %ile in CAT (HAvin a TAPMI convert in my hand)..

I still have an intuition that no matter what happen, Interview and CAT scores are given highest and least weightage respectively.....