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Can anyone tell me which college i can get...i am on oms candidate and my All india merit number is 321..can i get SIMSREE or KJ? Please help

Please can anyone tell me which college i can expect at rank 321?
ALL INDIA SEAT Open category

My All india rank is 321? Which college can i expect?

Seriously how can people love CENA..that too over ROCK!!!!!!!!
The days of wwe are over...i still remember those epic days where every single raw and smackdown used to have matches which are far far far...infi times better than todays main event matches....1998-2004 was so ****ing epic period of wwe....! I miss goldberg,brock lesnar, masked kane, stone cold steve austin ,rock...........I still watch old videos of wwf on you tube instead of wwe,s current programmes.......

shrikantmishr Says
no bro..i was told by panelist..aftr 15 march

The panelist told me that the results will be out after 15th march but as soon as i came out the students who were arranging admission process told me that results will be out by 5th or 7th march

results kab tak aayenge!
I was told by seniors that results will be out by 5 or 7th march!

Hi :o
I have a very weird query which is bothering since last few hours..
Are we required to punch our original marksheets or just keep originals in a while...as i dont think its a good idea to puch originals...please rply have my gd on 2nd march..please reply soon...as i have my train after 10 hours

What are my chances with 89%ile in cat?
And can anybody throw light on what we have to do exactly in micro presentation?
Thanks in Advance

Just came across this thread & thought that it would b apt for me to share my story...:
I am not trying to motivate anyone or seeking inspiration to deal with my current situations.. However, ur feedback & suggestions are welcome...

My profile :
Gave the class 10th exams from west bengal board in 2007, had high hopes, was a good student in school..
The result showed : 70.25 % :banghead:
Well, I believe that i deserved more & it may b a strange coincidence that most of the students in the class got the same marks in a few subjects (it is not a new incident of copies getting misplaced and students ending up with average marks, all credits to the great state board)

Then came the class 12 exams :
In 2007 , fate had screwed up my hopes, in 2009, 12th board exams, i took the responsibility to destroy my career :cheers:
Ended up with 59.6 % :banghead:

The hopes of getting into a good college had gone up in smoke, dreams were shattered, ego was crushed & depression set in...
Got admitted in a PATHETIC college with Microbiology as honours subject..
Had no interest, so, had to find a way to redeem myself..
MBA seemed the only way of...
Gave my heart & soul for cat 2011..
Heartbreak set in after seeing the result : 89.83 %ile:banghead:
Gave snap.. scored 86.75.. got SCMHRD call.. couldnt muster up enough courage to attend due to bad profile.. skipped the interview..
Gave Nmat.. got 206 ... missed by 2 marks..
Hav calls form : XIMB HRM, Nirma :wow:

Nowadays, I question myself ...
Should I really do an MBA ??
Am I good enough ??
Can I make it in the times of profile based selection ??
What should I do ??
Even if I get in, will I get a job despite my pathetic profile ??

I dont know what the future holds.. I dont know what i am destined for !!

What about your graduation marks? How much did you get in graduation?
Frankly speaking, with whatever you have told, you would not have any problems with this question in the interview.

The best way to answer about pathetic academic scores is to be brutally honest....

One thing which comes out from your life is your character.. you have faced some really adverse problems which not many people go through. You are in a way, much better prepared and suited to face further problems in ways than other people. All the troubles in your life, has infact made you a better person.

Now, if the question comes about poor acads, you tell the interview panel the same thing which you've written here, but don't stop just there. You can convince them more by saying that you've learnt about life which not many people at your age would have learnt about etc etc. You should also end up by saying how mentally strong, the incidents which occurred in your life has made you and how transformed you are sitting in front of the panelist now than how you would have been if you had a normal life..

Hope that helps..

Wont they feel its better to stay away from someone who was going through depression? If i tell them all this wouldnt they feel like i am full of excuses and just lament over my past and pity myself all the time?