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It is amazing, isnt it that when one meditates only then do we notice the disturbing angle of thoughts. Rest of the time , we r simply letting ourselves to be swept away by the flow of shit.
the best way to deal with them is to not wrestle and to let them be.they have a limit,tsunami kitne time tak rahegi?
chanting, japa and rythemic breathing is another great way.the mind has to yield to it because u r shutting thoughts out.

But lohiya, u used to meditate for hours together?:neutral: how was that boss?
my problem is compleately different-i fall asleep after 10 mins .tho i must tell i feel very fresh after getting up.

one falls asleep while trying to meditate bcos meditation relaxes the mind. that is a good sign. sir i guess u should practice it more often. as for my own problem, i discovered that it was all bcos i was taking my responsibilities too heavily. i practice it 2-3 times a day 4 few minutes; yet to get back to my lost rhythm.
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limewire is amazing... i've downloaded everything from books to movies to natural sounds. yet to try other p2p s/w.

hey, does anyone knows about the s/w 4 capturing streaming video?

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Times have changed. You have grown up. Your circumstances have changed. You have more responsibilities now. It is obvious that you will have difficulty concentrating in your meditation. Do not fret over it. Do not fight the distractions. Accept that distractions are going to occur.

Whenever you meditate, and find your self distracted, take a deep breath, think, 'This is going to happen, but I will not be defeated, and continue to meditate!' and get back to your practice. That helps.

It has helped me a lot.


tons of thanks 4 that post! but i've been trying like that 4 over a yr. my problem is that they swarm my mind like a shockwave and i have to give up with a headache. At the end i feel miserable rather than eased or relaxed. The distractions dnt come at all 4 first 10 min. or so, but they come like awaves of tsunami. since the practise makes me feel tense i've given it up for sometime now.
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got this sms...

sitting in loo thinking about u
i m passing this message specially to u
so even u'l know what i felt 4 u
my dear friend.. life is a shit without u.

baag ka dard maali hi samjhe
phool ka dard dali hi samjhe
dil to hamara bhi jalta hai
lekin jab dil jale to log diwali samjhe.

mehfil na sahi tanhai to milti hai
milna na sahi judai to milti hai
kaunn kehta hai ki mohabbat me kuch nahi milta
wafa na sahi bewafai to milti hai.

hope ki bhai log jhel lenge..
utra tha chand hamare angan me
Sitaro ko ye gawara na tha
hum to sitaro se bhi bagawat kar lete
magar kya kare jab chand hi hamara na tha

Buddys here, can any one solve my problem?
From a very young age, i used to b fascinated by the deities at any temple. I particularly found lord Shiva full of unbounded energy and alive.When i was in 10th, there were disturbances in my family. I used to sit relaxed in a isolated room, in padamasana eyes shut and echoe in my mind 'om namah shivay'. It wud give me immense peace. Later i used to practice the same in shava-asana. At 18 i used to practice 5-6 hrs. a day.
Then i moved out to delhi for graduation and stopped completely 4 lack of milieu. 3yrs. later, wen i try to sit in padamasana, i feel ok 4 a few minutes, then gradually lots of distracting thoughts swarm my quiet mind. If i try to relax in shava-asana, its again fine 4 sometime, then, as though i get a electric shock in my spine and sit up with a jerk. As with studies, i am able to concentrate well. I've tried hundreds of times but cant meditate in the wonderful way i used to.

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got 32, ok... hows tht buddies!

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Came to know abt PG just through casual surfing! Its an amazing forum.