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Placements aren't good this time at UBS due to recession.You can check these links for details which were posted in this thread few pages back.

Placements take a nosedive at PU
Meltdown blues: placement crisis deepens at PU, colleges - Express India

surprised to see that buddy. the placements scenario is that bad in ubs that placement head has already declared that 100% placement is impossible this year.
bhootximb Says
plz send me result link be fast ....... anyone really help me.

i m not sure abt it but thiswill be the link at which results will be declared. all the best
After receiving around 15 PMs, most of them abusing me for creating tensions and some even using unwanted words, here is an one post answer for all.

I dont know the exact date, no one except the admission cell knows the exact dates. I m just a student of GIM, who wants to help u guys. I am in constant touch with admission cell,just bcoz i know how it feels when u are on the other side of GIM gate.

Guys the result will be out before SATURDAY.

So all the aspirants, all the very best for ur results..........................

thanks nitiksh for the help.n sorry for the 15 pm(by the way i sent only one)but i would like to say one thing, we have asked you bcoz we expect you people there in gim to respond. i have several other calls n i am a part of other forums as well but the interaction with seniors in this forum is exemplary. seniors r easily accessible to answer queries even during their exams (thanks for that:clap:). u have answered each of our queries well except this date wali query, so people here(including me) might hv thought u were nt answering it coz its a confidential issue thats y they send pm to you.hope u understand it.;)
After all those long post here is a short and sweet post from my side:

2> Guys go to a temple,mosque,gurdwara or any place where u feel ur wishes will come true.........and do it asap

as soon as possible??:clap:
senior log are gud at puzzles i think. plzz can u ppl mention exact date. coz i hv kjsom on 28th and will not go fr it if selected here...plzzz tell the date.
Hi Puys..

I am really surprised to read in this thread where people are saying that results will be declared by 21st march or so..

As far as I know, I had called up SIBM bangalore about a couple of days before (around 8th March or so) and a lady over there told me that the results will be put up by the 1st Week Of April..

This is not to disappoint anyone...I am equally eager to see the results..but I guess we have to wait for a few more days..

r u really surprised why we r waiting fr the results to be out soon.let me tell u, u hv called them on 8th of march but we were told by seniors on 13th of march that results will be out on 21st of march LATEST:wow:. they r now tellin that they will put the results on monday. and wht they will say on monday god only knows.
Hi everyone

aur jha sahhab daru ki baat karne walo ko groan mat karna ....


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hey seniors i apologize fr putting such a query between the cool discussion that is goin on. i ws goin through last year forums. it is quite evident frm the posts that many people with higher percentiles like 99+ with good acads were not selected. they also claimed that they had good gd/pi's and were not selected because high percentilers prefer xlri and ximb more so gim take this into account.is itso?? so can you plz give us a rough estimate of average percentiles of ur batchmates if possible.

Very good point raised by Akshay.

Now as Akshay is a very sincere student his tone about studies is very mild.

But take it from me....

Abhi bhi mauka hai...patli galli se nikal lo. Baad me mat bolna warning nahi diya tha.

Ye do saal tum logon ke upar padhai ka aisa pahaad tootne wala hai ki...Assignments, groupwork, quizzes, presentations, submissions, reports...likhte likhte tum log apna naam tak bhool jaoge.

Yeh post likhne ke baad mujhe pata ahi, Akki mujhe Intranet pe mesage bhejega..."arrey bacchon ko dara mat"....

But guys be adviced, if you really wanna have a "nice" time in Goa...you will be in for such a nasty surprise...ki tumhare haath ke totey udd jayenge!!

But at the same time, you will have fun, beyond your wildest dreams.

The price is high...its exorbitant backbreaking work...but the payback...

in the form of these 2 years with some of the brightest people you will ever meet in your lives, the best conversation u will ever have.. and a shot at a good career...it matches it.

I once missed a submission on Legal Issues. The first lecture was over and tehre was a 20 minute break...

I ran back to my room, and made a report on Rakhi Sawant facing legal action from tips for dancing to their songs at private shows in 15 minutes flat. My group got the best grade in that report and I even topped the subject in my class later!!!

these are the experiences...watt lagti hai...lekin mazza bhi ata hai!!!

so if ure up for it...

agar dum hai...

agar himmat hai...

to apna call letter lo...aur aa jao GOAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

badaa ajeeb lagta hai dekhne main:shocked:. the place where everybody come to relax and release the workload is the place for u guys to have backbreaking work:puppydog:. thanks to the seniors who r here helping us at exam times. wht they r doin is increasing my desperation for the institute.now i dont want to see NOT SELECTED in the result...
abhijeet.tated Says
are you sure it will be out on 21st march?

yup its almost confirmed. told to us also by the seniors. by the way one query to the seniors!!:puppydog:

i ws interested in e-cell initiative by sibm-b so asked a question abt it during qs-answer session and got a reply that it is concerned with projects with established entrepeneurs...blah blah(i dont mean it literally, actually i dont remember the stuff) and ws said that it has started but when asked abt it to the director during the interview he said that it is a plan and is not started yet we are planning it to start in near future. seniors plz throw some light.

gud to see a post frm someone who has already converted the call. i think it is evident frm ur post that gim is not lookin ONLY:tongue: for people with a bag full of workex and high grades in academics like scmhrd and spjain but they also take in people with average acads but confident and have clear vision.gud to see