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C'mon bro....let me add 1 more thing about the transparency thing:
I am right now in the process of IIM admissions and to tell you the truth, the so called transparency demanded by guys is missing there too!!! atleast IMT always updated what is going to happen, there was no element of surprise and speculation. And as far as denigrating the image is concerned, I know a few people who would not spare even IIM chill....let d figures talk!!! why waste our time convincing the doubting thomases!!!!! All those who r in IMT, whether goin 2 dubai or ghaziabad enjoy and let dese doubts be the talk of midnight friendly banters!!!! ATB!!!

thats the spirit,buddy.
Name: Lokesh
CET Marks (out of 200): 104
Percentile: 97.68
category: OMS
Your opinions/views on the score:Gave CET first time without special prep,so considering that decent but overall not good.
Colleges aiming/applying for: was targeting for JB but that is out of reach now.Already got into IMT-G.

Any suggestion regarding good colleges at this score??
Finally got mail from IMT regarding campus choice...
Have filled the same... it has to be filled beofre 15th...

Puys....check ur mail ....

Could you please post the screen shot/text of the mail??

Pl help.
Our institute follows CGPA system.So only grades and CGPA are given.
How to enter marks in graduation details field.It is even not accepting decimals.

Pl help.


Any idea by what time Discussion-PI process for 8.30 batch will be over so that to plan return ticket for same day?

Hi Puys,

I got a mail last evening for PI on 1st Feb.
Can some one please throw some light on DCP programme.There is no information on IMT G site.
Also what is the fee for PGDM programme at IMT G?
Also placement stats for last year are also not available on site.

Can documents be attested by a Notary??

1)If your Final Degree explicitly mentions your degree percentage and class(1st Class) then there's no need of sending the marksheets of all the years.In that case only the photocopy of the Degree Certificate would do.
2)Yes, if the reliving letter contains all the details,then just send a photocopy of the same.No need to send the payslips and joining letter.
PS: You can get the photocopies attested with the retired professor.The stamp has to be there.Without that how could one know the credibility of a person?

Sanjay Kumar
VGSOM 2011-13

Thanks for reply.
Neither my final degree nor Semester Marksheets states any Class,Only CGPA.

Pl resolve following queries:
1. Do we need to send Marksheets of all Sems or only final Degree certificate in case Graduation is completed?
2.I have a relieving letter issued on Company letterhead stating Joining & relieving dates.Is it sufficient or do I still need to send Payslips and Joining letter?

Also does a retired professor count as gazetted officer and also if any Stamp is required along with attestation?


I entered my work-ex as 42 months considering till Jan-12.But I left my job in Oct-11.Can I get it corrected right now?
Pl suggest.


Pl reply for above query.