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nikido Says
Guys anyone from Chennai going to MICA 10th April slot ?

i am in for the same slot, from Chennai, Nikido
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kartha87 Says
I was also in that group. Not happy with my performance though. I am the "G" tag guy

Shall PM you, man
hi guys!!!
completed my GD/PI today in IIT Madras
My profile
2 yrs exp in TCS, CAT:92.26%,TN general

first i had my PI, panel consisted of four members
Ques: tell me abt urself, sell yourself in two mins time
Ans: spoke abt myself
quest2:why mba?
Ans: told some points
quest3:tell me abt ur weakness
ans: blah blah
ques:short term goal long term goal
ans: told that i wish to start a company after some years
quest:why u need to do mba if u r starting a company, ambani didnt do mba
Ans: told that formal edu will gear with me knowledge and exposure
ques: tell me abt ur engg project
ans: i couldnt remember anything and told something and they were asking some more ques abt my project and i couldnt answer anything properly!! guys if u r from engg bkround pls study something abt ur final year proj!! its very imp

after that most of the questions were abt my IT work exp, answered well
Overall a good PI exp apart from the engg proj ques.

GD topic was easy, its abt whether we should give equal weightage to sports in academics
a group of 8 ppl discussed, it went well, no fish market
two girls dominated a lot but other ppl managed to pitch in some points, me too gave some valid thoughts

It was a well organised process overall,
Special thanks to 1st years students Vinoth Balu and Reynolds.
They interacted a lot with us and cleared our doubts.
Hope to convert!!!!
All the best guys!!!!

I guess i was one of those gals :/
am sorry man! but i thought there were NO new Valid points coming at all! and some of the points were dying into the background.
Please DO LET ME KNOW, if i did some mistake, cos i DO NOT have any experience ,and your inputs might help me not repeat the same!

Guys, for all those who are concerned regarding the
4 copies of application form, :banghead:
I have my interview tomo and just mailed the admission committee of NITT. they replied telling It is the SAME form that we submitted to them- which means, log into your profiles and take printouts of the complete profile that you submitted. :clap:

As to doubts about photograph not needed- I DONT KNOW!
but i assume, while registering, we might have had an option of not uploading and instead taking print outs and sticking a photo and posting it to them.. So it COULD mean that it is not necessary to stick photos again for such ppl who would have followed that process. I dont think its a crime if your application has a photograph in it.
Chill out! and All the best.

Cheers :cheers: ,



I am in at 91.5 %ile, 8th March at IIT Madras

Got shorlisted !!!! CAT %ile- 91.51..
Interview @ IISc, Bangalore- 2nd April..

Name: Priyadarsini
cat percentile:91
10th and 12th Marks:92 and 84
Work Ex:0
Date of Interview:16th feb, 8:30 a.m.
Interview Location:Bangalore
No. Of people in the panel:2
GD Topic : Legalising Euthaneasia (Case Study)
Duration:10 mins reading time, 10 mins discussion, 5 mins summary writing.

GD was turning into fish market at times but was really helpful to me cos could make 4-5 entries,making ppl listen to my points.

Questions: (40 mins) :/
1. About my hometown.
2. About Dow chemicals row & London olympics
3.qns about hobbies a LOT of questions i had no idea about- example - difference between theosophy and theology,
how is death perceived in spirituality :shock:
5. in maths- what is the probability of Bangalore getting bombed!! :wow:
6. Tell me about jiddu krishna murthy.
7.wht are complex numbers
8. what are mathematical deductions!!
OMG- thats only few of the several qns that i remmber.
Had no tab of the time, the next guy waiting outside told me it took about 45 minutes!!! :banghead::banghead:
panel is sweet though

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is there a link for previous year's experiences, please

Thank Puys for your experiences.
i just happened to get a call today. Anyone for Banglore on 16th Feb?

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OA: 91.51
QA: 65 :(
VA :98

10th 92
12th 85
Grads BE-75

Work Ex (Industry/Months) Fresher
Achievements - couple of scholarships and lot of extra curricular...

Seniors, would my Quant sectional hinder my chance of converting the call?
added to the fact that i have ) work ex