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I would go in for C as I feel it supports the hypothesis. Others please chip in with your choice.

Naren, please let me know what the right answer for this is.


I'm not planning to go to any institute. Planning to study on my own. How about you?


Im interested in forming the study group...have you joined any coaching center?

Hello puys,

I'm planning to give my GMAT sometime later this year. I would like to discuss and form a group for GMAT preparation. Krishna Hasa and other people interested (people who are serious only!) please get in touch with me.



I would love to attend the conference as let me know the details.....


Bhai log, can i attend the confy???
I have yahoo id but i dont have yahoo messenger, is it necessary??

Plz tell me wats required to b eligible for the confy???
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How about meeting at some place in Secunderabad? Please reply with any other suggestions.


Hello people,

Sunday seems to be a nice idea. Please count me in if you chaps decide to meet. What do the others think of meeting on sunday?


@ likniya.........v just had dat place in mind 4 da meet nt confirmed depending upon wat the others say v vil dcide sumthing datz comfy for evrybody


@keerthi_koch...How about meeting up at Cafe Coffee Day, SP road, Ashok Bhoopal Chambers,Secunderabad..Does this location sound fine with you guys?

Hi Keerthi,

Please count me in for the meet up. I was wondering if you could arrange this meet up at any place any Secunderabad. In case you're not able to then I dont mind with the original choice.

Hello people,

I'm interested in meeting up as well. Please send me the details.

Hello People,

I'm new to the group and interested in giving my GMAT next year. Please let me know if there are any get togethers planned to know each other and start off our preparation. Would like to be a part of any such event.