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Hiii PGites,
Well, Score may be + /-5 as this is this the expected score that
I calculated from the choices I had marked in Question paper.So nothing can be said until the final results are out : .Pg, Boss.You have to work
on your DI part.Hiii Rao, Great score in QA & DI .KEEP IT UP man :wink: .Well, Oxymoron.I have a question for you.What is the literal meaning of oxymoron? : ;-)In RC there was a question whether a given comparisons was a similie or oxymoron.Can u shed some light on that?I wont be taking next Mock as I am going to take a weekend holiday in Kerala.All the best guys.Let us fight it out


anil Says
well vijay_venkat_81 is the 1001th now this "subject tag" makes some sense 1000+

Hiii PG& Company ,

So u should give a treat to me also for intimating 1001th member :grin: .Vijay is in the same office as mine and I told him abt the forum one hour back. He just came and told me that he had joined PG forum .Hii guyz, Just tell all the CAT addicts abt this forum .Its really kool thing to roam around. Congrats to PG, Anil, Subbu and everyone (Huh; remember cat2k2 last year ) .Keep up the spirit and tempo all pagals.


Hiii Mates ,
Anyone took CF Free Mock CAT?They are offering it for free on Sundays.I took it on June 8th.My AIrank was 20 as more and more students took it now the rank has reached 80 .It will be a goodway to benchmark our prep.What u say, mates?

Peace,Love, Empathy


Hii PG & Modsquad ,
We are going to see some real action in that Mock CATS start thread soon.Instead of having a common thread, Can we be more specific.My suggestion is Go for the main thread Mock CATS.Sub threads are

1)strategies & Stuff





etcc... so that the students taking correspoding instis can discuss and others can peep in.What u say Mod squad?


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Hiii philip,

Dom no is not bad(1+8=9; the lucky no) .After following your preparation(way back from IMS free Mock in 2002 when u had a rank 30+ ), interview mails and success through cat2k2 yahoogroup it is so nice to hear from you gain through pagalguy forums.All the best , Buddy! Have an enjoyable (?) stay in IIMA .Come out in flying colours , mate


Hey Guys..
... 18 tests for Rs. 950 only.. pretty reasonable if u ask me.. they also give the answer booklet & there is the usual web correction..

Hey!TRUE.. the cost differ thro' the cities.. not only of the test series but also the course fee!!

Best of Luck!!!

The fees varies from city to city . Usually in metros the fees will be higher.For the same course TIME charged 7500+ in Kochi and 9200+ in Chennai last year .IMS charged 9000+ in Kochi and 12000+ in Chennai.U may have to pay extra if u r moving to Chennai from Kochi.But realise that the quality of faculty, awareness abt exams etcc varies eventhough the material is the same.
Hey Guys..
18 tests for Rs. 950 only.. pretty reasonable if u ask me.. they also give the answer booklet & there is the usual web correction.. but they are kinda slow.. Every sunday u write the test.. RESULT only out by Wed- thurs....


+ They give u an additional discount if you were a previous TIME student :grin: .Got the info from someone working in Chennai TIME.Am not too sure abt that .Better Confirm.
ashwin Says
I've been hunting for this book like for a year now, after I read about it somewhere...could you tell me where your friend got hold of it? Thanks.

Hiii Ashwin,

This book is out of print.I got the book after pestering the guy in Chennai TIDEL Higginbothams for one week(That will also work :grin: ).Try to buy the edition which costs 295 bucks only. It can be purchased on sify and I think most of online bookstores may be having this.


Hiii Mates,
I happened to read the book "Snapshots from Hell" by Peter Robinson(Courtsey my friend Pradyot) .It is about his MBA course in Stanford. Peter Robinson was the speechwriter of President Ronald Reagen before doing his MBA from Stanford :shock: . Feels everyone who is preparing for MBA and in someway is connected to MBA should read it. Wonder whether everyone is undergoing similar stresses in B Schools :


Lijo Isac

Hii Mates,
Thanks for the wishes. :D. It is nice to start postings in Pagalguy forum on your birthday :wink: .Joining the party mates.Count me in

Peace, Love, Empathy