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Hi Vishz/dardier,

Dude in this world of Internet surfing do you think you are the clever guy selling Softcopies of GMAT material.

if you got to sell something can you please elaborate on ure third point wht are the books and list of them.

Hi All,

Guys i have all the GMAT Manhattan Pdf downloaded from web. you can pm me ure email-id's so that i can mail them.


hey sumeet my email id is It wud be v generous of u to mail me the manhattan pdf stuff

Please mail to
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Please mail to


I have been offered the PGPM seat and am supposed to join on the 16 of july. However what i don't seem to understand is the admissions are still open?

I thought that it was a max 55 intake so is that we are still not got the 55 students or have we added more seats???


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