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hi puys! good to see u guys carrying on this thread to a new bit occupied after joining union back and happy to see the spirit of yours soaring high....

wud be glad to provide any kind of guidance...

just thought of sharing these links with all of you....

Welcome to Business and Economy Supplement BFM (Banking Finance Markets) - ICMR-BFM Best BFSI Companies 2011
Welcome to Business and Economy Supplement BFM (Banking Finance Markets) - ICMR-BFM Most Sought After BFSI Companies 2011

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Pnky Says
Guys, i have read some last posts ,actually m not aware abt the posting aspect ,i mean lets say if i got mumbai circle then ,i need to work in mumbai my whole life??

No, once your probation period gets over you can be posted anywhere in India...
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After reading few back pages, I got the gist that people are not happy with the bank jobs, whatever the reasons may be. They cited innumerable examples for their dissatisfaction. But can I ask them a single instance where they felt satisfied. If not, then they have to find one, to stay in this era of ruthless competition. Its all about dealing with tough situations initially, if one manages, the life offers much more to cheer about. Being a new comer, you are suppose to work beyond your duty hours, you are suppose to come on off days and you are suppose to do the work what you think its not your job.

Why people think that other avenues are better or we have to look for other competitive exams. Is that something they offer lucrative like weekend off, no work on Sundays, relaxed weekdays etc. Just tell me one job, only one single job where we do not have to work intensely or where the work is just like a piece of cake. I hail from reputed MBA institute and worked for one of the top diamond manufacturing company in India, where apart from my regular duties I had to go to the market and purchase things which a peon could do and stayed from 8 AM to 7 PM in Mumbai apart from commuting time. Wherever we will go, we have to give more than 100% to stay, otherwise be ready to accept the pink slip especially in private sector. My father, who is a DGM in BOI, joined as a clerk and even after becoming AGM he devoted most of his Sundays to the bank and during his initial years he used to leave home at 6 in the morning and come at 9 in the evening as he had to travel 120 km from his hometown. Conditions were also pathetic that time in fact more than today as there was hardly any effective human resource. After getting selected in Union Bank, he himself asked me to ask your manager that if needed, you can come on Sunday as well.

Friends, we are in the nascent stage of our career and if we cant work for 12 hrs now how can we expect to climb the ladder later. These are the days of absolute hard work we simply cant run away from this, whatever may be the situation face it with confidence.

Always remember if you are surrounded by positivity, then positivity will bound to happen.

Most importantly, PO is a post where a person is liable to be posted anywhere in India. If one thinks he could have done better if got home posting then better sit for clerk exam, unless there is some genuine reason for it. How many out there complaining about home posting (apart from few who have genuine problem) will not go abroad if given the chance by banks? I bet everybody will raise their hands.
So grow up guys, we are mature enough not to be home sick.

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shaaanmalhotra Says
plz give me the union bank hr number ......

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PSB final result out...

spread the good news puys...

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For Guys selected in Union Bank Of India...

Any news of your joining date ? I have not been selected in UBI but I am just waiting for the 2nd list.


i had a talk with HR of Union bank in mumbai, as per him, the joining letter will arrive in next 8-10 days...
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Many people were discussing the might of BOB & PNB & their clash for number two Position, here i have made a three page slide (find the attachment), with only the figures, i guess it would be helpful for people appearing in BOB Interview too.

I am making this for all the banks, which i would upload within a few days.

its so nice of you ......bhai plz prepare for union bank as well....
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tweetbanshi Says
Anyone plz provide the no.

Union Bank HR : 022-22896240
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puys while filling the union bank application did they ask for preference for all the 4 regions or only one region as a preference.....i unable to recall...plz help me out on this....

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