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Attached is d list of all selected candidates in all categories.
Congrats to all.

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Three-year part-time MBA courses at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University may soon be converted to Executive MBA programmes of two-years' duration. A proposal to redesign the part-time MBA courses at

Guys!! Result is out on the notice board of FMS. Will be available on website by tom. evening (most probably). P.S. - I am a 1st year MBAFT FMS student

sirji i heard that the hostels are on the score basis. For males 60 seats and females 30 seats.
See u at FMS :)

HEY...THANKS.....means only toppers will study at hostel....n rest enjoy the night life of delhi...;-)

sumbody plz tell what is d date of joining ...i hv to resign accordingly...n also what is d provision for hostel accomodation....i need it badly.

HI puys........

bk at home and done with my GD/PI/EXT process.
very cool process.....even felt that TIME process is more tougher than FMS.


X - 78.6 CBSE
XII - 77.8 CBSE
Undergrad Major - 73.1

30 months, Defence PSU

Topic: Engineers have undue advantage in b-schools
Number of Ppl present - 10...1 absent
Time: 1 min to think - 10 to discuss - 1 to summarize
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

well, we mostly discuss how entrance exam pattern suits engineers more than others.
significant points-
1)JMET 4 engineers only
2)62% engineers in CAT
3) 66.67% weightage to QA/DI in CAT while 50% weightage to QA/DI in FMS.:cheerio:
4)changed criterions in admission process of CAT 4 diversity.
good engineering population....
5llakh engineers pass every year but only 1lakh of them are employable
hence, they look for MBA as job opportunity rather than value addition.

cant not remember more.......

extempore - i have a dream

speak plenty about my dream....long term goals....what i hv done so far to achieve my drream....n how FMS fits in to aid me to achieve my dream...
then stopped by P1..

asked about my college and university....he said he has his friend there as registrar....HNBGU....:

p1: then diff btw plan n dream

p2; realistic n unrealistic dream

p1: we dont teach entrepreneurship......FMS doesnt fit in it(my SOP)

p1; diff btw manager n entrepreneur

p2: e-choupal( related to my SOP)

n thanks n bye-2 my group who had 2nd last interview scored 4,7,7 marks.
Isaw the lady writing d marks:cheerio:

best of luck to all other puys.

verdict:::: CONVERT


plz help...
i am not able to fill the form online.....part-2 is saying session
expired...n i have tried thousand no. of times...sumbody else who has faced the
same problem...plz help:shocked:

i m working in a PSU n they dont give back d certificates dat they submitted at the time of joining until unless u resign...but i have the photocopies of the certificate attested by gazzetted officer.will they work???? seniors plz help


QA 10.75
VA 11.5
LR 10.75

OA 33.00

k...percentile mapper or cutt-off 4 DESE scores


bad post 4 d thread

dude u making me work overtime with the analysis but anything to make a fellow indian smile :)

last year out of 4066 users who checked their scores on ur beloved testfunda percentile predictor out of them those who scored 30 got 27 percentile as the prediction.
top secret :P- 29 was the cuttoff for OBC in rc

PS- u r getting 44.5 percentile...and thats way too much

when march comes
CATCH A flight
see the delhi DELIGHT
MEET some girls MILKY white
and not to forget with

U ppl. r too gud.
excellent poem bhai...
n i m a Delhite....;-)
Need 2 sleep now.
JMET tomorrow.....:-)