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Hi guys.. What are the docs required for the RBC loan?

  1. Offer letter from Rotman (Or is it the letter in the Welcome Kit, which we are yet to receive?)
  2. Proof of Funds (Around 100K?)
  3. Letter from your bank
  4. RBC loan application form sent with the Offer letter

  1. So we just have to scan these documents and email them to RBC?
  2. Do we have to courier these docs?
  3. Can we apply for the RBC loan before we apply for the VISA? Or is the VISA required when you apply for the loan?

Live Life, mbadream12 and ajantis....

Have you guys received the Welcome Package and access to R world yet? I was informed that they will send it to us only by Feb!

More dope on Rotman....The Student Handbook... It captures all the aspects of the Full Time MBA program...

Rotman Student Handbook

Read this message on the Rotman page on facebook.

"Please note that our office will be closed for the holidays starting Tuesday, December 20th and will re-open on Monday, January 2nd, 2012."
Rotman MBA Admissions - Education - Toronto, ON | Facebook

People waiting for their results might have to wait till 2nd Jan

Lezra.. can you please give the break up of the estimate in the admissions package here..


here you go..approx. expenses for a single student for the first 12 months

Academic fee - 45,993
Incidental fees - 1,400-1,800
Laptop - 2,900-3,200
Accommodation - 9,600
Utilities - 1,200
Food - 3,200
Clothing - 1,200
Books & Supplies - 1,500-2,000
Local transportation - 900
Entertainment - 1,200
TOTAL - CAD 70,293
sjmit4 Says
People who are already in can you put more light on this?

Rotman is really expensive....the estimate given by Rotman for 2 years is around 140-150K (Fees + Living expenses).

You have to approach Credila for a loan of more than 20 Lakhs. If you have a cosigner in Canada then you take a loan from RBC.
Any idea how many of the interviewed people get admitted to Rotman every year. Looking at their BW profile, while 3 in 4 get interviewed they admit only 1 in 2. So i guess conversion rate is us to calculate.

But as to whether the data reflects the current trend, I have no clue.

Did any of the guys who already had a chat with the adcom verify about it from them?

Check out post #2262 by vivek.sies

Regarding this year... i think the number of applicants would've come down...and Rotman is increasing its intake to around 320... so that definetely increases our chances

sjmit4..regarding scholarships..i wasn't offered any... but i remember ajantis's post saying that it was mentioned in the email itself..

So that makes in 4... ajantis, mbadream12, Live Life and myself....

Seems the Indian contingent has already started partying...

sjmit... "Good things come to those who wait"

How much time does Queen's give you to accept the offer (send the DD for CAD 2000) from the day you receive the email?

Got an admit from Queen's... and CAD 5K scholarship..:)

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