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Any idea from any of the seniors till what rank is GIM going to give calls thorugh CMAT?

How many numbers of seats are there through CMAT?

Please any kind of Idea or information on that...

Eagerly waiting for a reply

No information given about number of seats reserved.
It will be mostly on how good the candidates are, with no fixed number of seats.
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Short video depicting Life@GIM in the new campus(now two years old actually!)

Link : The way my day goes at GIM | PaGaLGuY.com - India's biggest website for MBA in India, International MBA, CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT

OR see the video at : Konnect2GIM: At GIM the day is as long as you want it to be...
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Short video of the day to day life in the new campus(now two years old actually) at:

Link : The way my day goes at GIM | PaGaLGuY.com - India's biggest website for MBA in India, International MBA, CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT

OR see the video at : Konnect2GIM: At GIM the day is as long as you want it to be...
PaGaLGuY.com Spotlight @pagalguy_spotlight
It is a popular belief among many that the entire state of Goa exists spatially and symbolically just along the shoreline from Calangute to Anjuna. Some of the better informed might know Panjim and for some, maybe Old Go

Favourite part of the video is still the 'Chai'...That's where the RFID most used

A very Happy Diwali to all the aspirants out there from the GIM Family...:clap:

Here's a "sneak preview" into one of the Girls Hostels which are only opened to the boys for a few hours for the Diwali Celebrations...
Link : GIM Student PR FB Page Diwali Celebrations (please like the FB page for regular updates)

Next year we hope to see many of you join in the celebrations here at GIM...

Please understand that this is not any sort of a personal discussion, rather it's a healthy discussion, which is the sole purpose of public forums. I don't think that any of us has a personal interest in this matter, we all are presenting our viewpoints, without any personal attacks and all the stakeholders have a right to participate, which is what we (myself, shreyem, amalnich, avinashkrjha) are practicing. As the topic is regarding wait list movement only, you are also welcome, as wannabe managers are expected to show initiative. :thumbsup:
And as far as information on W/L movement is concerned, the next list is expected to come out on 17th May according to the wait list released on 2nd May, (which was expected to come out on 30th April ). All the best for that. :cheerio:

@ avinashkrjha, shreyem, mohIIM, satadal, amalnich et al

I think everybody's views have been expressed adequately. And doubt any of them will change in the near future! In any case I do not see how pursuing this discussion will either add 'value to the thread' or 'speed to the waitlist movement'.

Request you all not to continue in this vein any further before it does become personal...
alok001 Says
sir can u please give some information abt the no. of students in the 2nd merit list..i m in 2nd merit list...is the process similar to last year regarding list bcoz there were 90 in 2nd merit list and 150 in 3rd merit list........

Am not sure of the numbers yet. The 1st Waitlist(A.K.A Merit list 2) has a very high chance of selection. I'll post if I get more information from admissions.
The last date for confirmed call getters is also 15th April which is same as for 1st Wait-list candidates.

So, how will one pre-decide to pay fees before knowing the wait-list ranks?

The fees are needed to select the interested candidates only. The waitlist fees are refunded if not converted I'm sure...

Congratulations to all who made it. Please try to go easy on calling the admissions office if your query is not urgent.

Note that we requested the admissions to hurry up the process on releasing the lists which is why the mails probably went out first. The site will take a while to get updated as they are still working on it. Am not sure when it will be out on the site as I cannot get through to the admissions office....lines busy :)....

It's a good idea to check your junk mail at this juncture

GIM is very strict about attendance in the foundation course. Please make your plans based on the dates given to you.

Look forward to June...

bhailog kal ka din to indian cricket team ke naam kar do...
I am sure once the match starts nobody gona refresh the website...

For those of you who want some diversion check out GIM Bleeds Blue on Konnect2GIM...

For the rest google the serenity prayer...it's helped me in similar times...