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thanks a lot for ur wishes..

its mar 3 ...any idea wen de results might be out...

sahasid Says
I can't figure out why 3rd March..

its mar 3 cos its my bday :-P....a reject tom will be cruel...

i got an email with the SOP thing attachment..and i ve sent it... will v get any other emails after that..???

Hi All,

Please carry all your certificates along with you for the interview. Also do not forget to carry all the documents that have been mentioned in the mail forwarded to you by SPJIMR. Let me know in case of any further clarification is needed on this.

i have not got the mail from SPJain...can u pls list the certificates other than the usual ones like class X,XII college,CAT score, IDproof etc and all certificates corresponding to ones resume...

hello ppl...

will the results of the 1st round interview be announced immediately.....

P.S: this is my 100th post :d

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@abhinav..thanks a lot...:D

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guys..need a small favor...

i have not received the questionnaire with my mail...i think i ll get it tom...in the mean while can some one pl paste the questions here...it ll help me prepare answers...


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thanks for helping us

wat bout PGDBM-Finance....so v too have GD and GI??

what is the point if so many deserving ppl are kicked out...its really unfair .... is there a way out of this...apart from cat 2007....im really wary of might happen...look at those profiles....there is something seriously wrong with our systems

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Do u have a overall %le of 97,99 or 99%le...and ended up with 6 rejects...lets discuss wat can be done....CAT 2007 or...wat else...lets pool our ideas n frustration for the better.

MY Profile
Quant -- 88%le --culprit
DI -- 97%le
Verbal --99.76%le
overall -- 98.96%le...

BLACKI rejects....lol.....$hit Happens

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