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Also Cyrus Broacha is gonna be conducting the JAM and Press Conference events on the 3rd Feb
He will also pop in on the Informals stage


A few points:

There are 3 IIMs which constitute the creme de la creme B schools in India. All 3 want the best of the best to join them. There will be posts trying to bash the other schools. All i'd like to say is that there are always 2 sides to the coin, get info from students of both B Schools before you make a choice. Dont get swayed by any negative propganda lest u regret it.

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In the match against Pakistan where Sachin Tendulkar made his debut, one other Indian bowler also made his debut as did a Pakistani fast bowler. That match was also the 100th test of yet another player. Name all 3 please

just hope its not like last time ...when he dint get the requisite sponsors

:grab: ( just liked this smiley .... am posting on PG after a looooooooooong time)

will give 10 lac points to the first person who replies saying that SRT is God.

HBD Taklu


Returning to PG after a long long long time.
No excuses offered for not being here ..but it seems that all the others have done a great job of filling u guys in.

Nobody has mentioned BRacket yet ...our very own internal messenger service . MSN messenger can learn a few tricks from it .

After the stats rape ( no not even f****d ...its voluntary ) comes another L2 tonight .. gonna enjoy that.

Surprise quizzes are a way of life ...tho not as much as Vibhavan and nikhil .. i am in SecC ..tha best section out here.

i am rambling as always.


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No Wonder!
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