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Mousetrap turned out to be a bigggg trap :D....
and more so cause they had everyone's full time for about 2-3 days..

and some new links up now...
IIM L- Manfest -
And seems ISB poseidon..( pardon my spelling)...:D, is around the corner....

Ciao, and best of luck to all

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hey guys,
Cool, but would have been much better if you could put up the website links as well

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So the B-school placement season got kicked off in a royal way.
keep 'em coming guys

Hi all,

Its again that time of the year when there is just one thing on the mind of all B-Schholers- CV points and yups, the B-school fests which grants you these veritable boons. Its the unofficial rankings used by B-schoolers every yr. Since -it benefits everyone, not much fudging happens and- u get to see how u perform vis-a-vis the other b-schoolers, b-fests add great value also, in addition to the prize moneys that they offers. Lets see whats happening this year..

Opinions are personal, and everyone may have one of their own right? ( Am from IIM C, so have tried to be impartial to our event also, and if u still cant digest, then u better leave that part off ) :P

Guess the deadlines for submissions were the earliest for IIM B-Vista, and not sure of how well they marketed the fest. Many of us missed the fest and in my opinion, Vista passed with creating much fizz. Lacked the online games, the gradual build up etc etc

And NITIE Mastishk happened around this time itself. Pretty well done, i guess from the feedback i recieved from many of my friends. Definitely a step forward NITIE.

MDI- Imperium- They succeeded in creating enuff energy among the junta, but the way the fest was handled leaves a lot to desire. Anyways, they are still on the learning curve, and i guess they will do fine in the coming years.

XLRI- Ensemble - This is one fest, the prelims of which are going on right now. The site is okayish, and the events are all good. But XL seems to be low in enthu. Guys, ur quality and innovation are worth much more advertising than u guys are doing right now. And the website seems tooo basic. But the evnts are all worth it, and fall perfectly in place with the theme "Inverting the ptramid"

IIM Iris- Definitely THE FEST till now. Excellent publicity, nice website and the number and variety of online events that they have is AWESOME. They have started pretty early with their flagship event ASHWAMEDHA and its been some one month, and they r still going all out. Amazing energy guys. Keep it up . Hope you guys succeed in carrying this on to the fest @10-12th november.

CONFLUENCE - Guess the name is enuff. The most respected festival, and supposedly the best. Eyecatching website and excellent publicity, but,yeah these things come naturally. And even the inidividual events like Livestock and Mousetrap have become brnads on their own. But terrible mix up with Mousetrap raises lots of questions. It was not the mix-up which was appaling, but the response to these. Anyways, hope they manage to pull it off this time too.

IIMC- INTAGLIO- Coming up in dec- 23-25th. The events have just now started. Contains all elements of Confluence other than the brand name i guess. But coming up in a major way since last yr. This time either they have messed up with launching events so early (about 2 months prior) or they are confident enuff to keep up the tempo for the entire 2 months. If they manage to do the latter, well, next yrs Confluence team will need to work double hard i guess.

Manfest- Lucknow- Manfest, comes up in January. Dont have much info about the same, which i guess means that they have to popularise their fest in a much better way. But these are strictly third party views since last yr also i was not aware of the fest and nor do many of my batchmates.

Backwater- IIM K - comes up in Jan. Do not have much idea to coment upon.

Anyways guys.

The fests that are on at this time of the year and the links

IIM I-Iris
XL- Ensemble -
IIM A - Confluence -
IIM C- Intaglio -

Please add any more details if u guys know and best of luck with these fests,


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hi pg'ites,

Just noticed that we dint have any activity in the iim c thread...
in between sleeping in the class and gaming in the lan,its very difficut to balance life....
some say they have started setting alarms in mobile phones so that they can sleep in class,rest during the breaks and resume sleeping ...(well,,slightly blown out, though)
and some demand,we dont have enuff time to sleep and that class timings shud be increased so that we can catch up on our sleep,in the comfort of the ac..
and its true,,what they say about each iim students being equivalent to 3 or more normal students,,its especially true in the case of C,,what with everyone putting in that extra effort and creativity with the attendance sheets...(details cannot be divulged,,like they say,,what if A and B find out we are far ahead in this one speciality and start competing in this also...)
more to write about..
the summers r over....the best thing is the never ending suply of food packets.....and well,,,,and the worst part is as long as u remain eleigible for the food packets ,it means u have not yet being placed...
and suddenly the illusion that we had,,b4 getting to this place...
that of companies chasing the students,,and students running from companies, :wink: ,,suddenly vanishes to thin air...
its interesting to see the shift though...during the gd stage and the initial interview stage,they treat u like u r a nonentity..
and once u carck the interviews,,then the students get the upperhand....
well,there might be people who had very nice an experience,,but am sure that there will b almost twice or thrice the people,who dint exactly love the way the summers went, and had the first shocks after coming to IIM's...
it is not exactly a cake walk...u feel everything is over once u clear cat,,but come summers and u have the companies shortlisting 80-139(ya,,and they extended the 139 also)and taking 4 students...
its a rat race....and the only advantage of being in the IIm s is that,,in the end...u become the winning rat.... it for now... ,
in typical IIM C style,signing off...mebbe i ll suddenly wake up in another 2 months..and again put up some arbit post like this....(by the way,,arbit is the name of the dog in one of our hostels)

and best of luck for the cat aspirants...
~the iims r not that bad,u can sleep in ac


hello ,
well,,,long time since i had put up any postings here.well,,May be thats what C makes u,,,lazier and lazier,
here as others have written,,no wonder they call the campus chilled,,,its really chilled with all those chilled bears , ,
and now finally,with exams round the corner,we r finally forced to crawl back to our rooms and study,,,hmmm,never knew accounting would be this bad,,,,thought CA was a childs play,,now i know better,
as for we engineers stronghold,statistics,,,i now know that i never knew what probability was,,,

well,,,guys ,,time to put my ass on fire,,,
keep posting,


and i have a problem nowadays,,,i cant sleep without seeing the daylights,,lucky that the sun comes up here @ 5.00 am,


hello friends,
one of my freinds got through pgdm of Nicmar, pune,,,
well,NIcmar seems to be famous for construction management,,and this is the first batch of PGDM that they r starting,what do u think of the prospects of this course,,,it would be very helpful if some one could throw some light into the matter,please help us,,,bye

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is it the sign of calcutta standards going down???? ,
anyway,,,,here i stand beside the lakes,,,,,

hello friends
here goes my profile...
12th-70%,,,with an absymmally low 35/100 in maths,,seems like the panel at c and i missed that out
engg-automobile @karnataka,thank god i dint havehave to say bout my college at the interviews,but the college is sjmit,chitradurga,,,
well,74% taking last 4 sems
and 67% taking all
again,,with backs throughout in maths,
and now cat,

got cal and i calls

indore-gd and pi went smmooooooth
cal-flunked gd,couldnt talk for entire first half,and cut short my summary
interview-well,asked me about eqn for sum of n terms of a ap,
forgot that ####### eqn..
thank god they dint ask more
gk qs and hr qs did well

final calls
indore and unbeleivably calcutta

guys any one remebers articles about lowering standards of higher education in india???????/ ,
haha,,may iims be blessed


got through i,
good interview and good gd,,,expected the call anyway,
proves that the lazy ones too get through
had 99.92 percentile
best of luck for every6 1

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