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vinitpattnaik Says
well as far as my knowledge goes dse is the only college.anyways where are u taking coachin for dse entrance??

@vinit, no yaar i dont think theres any coaching for the entrance ..... wht abt you .... whts ur background
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Hi puys !!!!

yes dse is more famous... for economic policies and all rather than the corporate sector.... its even more famous for a career in academia ..

are you interested in PhD

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Hi puys !!!

i am still preparing for the entrance ... i hv an engg background ....

any specific tips for the entrance exams .... as of now....DSE mentioned for the 2008 entrance that ..... it wil hav two sections.... both will be objective by nature and ..... section one will have 40 Q's and theyu will be one mark each and 1/3 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer....
in section two .... there will be 20 Q's .... each two mark and 2/3 marks will be deducted for each wrong answered.

so max marks = 100
and you need atleast 40 to make it to some particular college. :tellme::tellme::tellme:

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I second thoughts of tanu.....da only way u can improve verbal is thru practice...make sure u do manhattan SC, it really helps a lot in increasing ur accuiracy.....also, OG11 helped me a lot in understanding wat gmat paper setters expect as answeres.....for a score like u target,ur accuracy shud be really gud...

also,try reading as much as u can.....because at times its jst ur gutt feeling which makes u mark the right answer.....and you can develop that only by reading more literature....

Yeah targeting a high score, i have completed Manhattan as tanu and you recommended, but idioms are left to cover, imp thing is, when i do the test Q's, i fail to identify the wrong one's as mentioned in PR, i mostly apply plan B to identify the right answer, which generally fails. neverthless i shud not quit that easy, i am v good with math, so i am studying 6 days of verbal and 1 day for math.

I am scoring pretty less in all sections of Verbal, i am hopeless with SC ..... i think i require significant tips ... and will have to do a lot of hardwork, i am plnning to take gmat coming sep...08 .... guide me puys to cross 750.

My aims are high to score on gmat, but it just doesn't seem to happen.

I am new for GMAT SC, I am screwed big time, almost every second Q is attempt goes wrong.... any serious tips..... prb is, i want to score 750+ ..... plz give some tips. I am going thru OG 11... start Q were right .... then it started falling down.

:tellme: how many books are recommended by CFAI ... (other than CFAI curriculum) ...

guys me frm ...
non finance bckgrnd
BE in IT ... final yr student
planning to take
Dec 2008 ... L1