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Warning..!! Really Long, boring, emotional and philosophical rambling ahead.....

I hope your hair doesn't turn grey after reading this..!!!

This is no fairy tale and if you people are expecting strategies to crack CAT please excuse me. But if you are looking for something more than that please read on and bear with my writing skills.4 years after coming across Pagalguy and countless no of times reading this thread for inspiration, I finally got to realize my dream. There have been times when I literally cried after reading the posts on this thread. Tales of people who have realized their dreams, overcoming the difficulties thrown at them by life made me realize that if people in those circumstances can do it, why can't I do it inspite of having nothing to worry about and being a pampered child at home. So here goes my journey...and it's a long one.

2005: Final year engineering..was preparing for CAT without knowing why. This is called herd mentality. Placed in Infosys (This is also herd mentality, studying electronics and joining a sw job) and CAT prep was thrown to dogs. Blissfully enjoyed my final year engineering days doing absolutely nothing. Wrote CAT 2005 and was not surprised by the result (84.XX). Forgot about CAT.

2006: Joined Infosys and had a great time at Mysore with friends. I was vacillating between MS and CAT. Was not sure what I wanted to do. Thought I will work for a couple of years and then decide. Did not give CAT.

2007:Wanted to badly go back to my hometown and transfer was not forthcoming. Said goodbye to Infosys and joined a product development company thinking atleast that will improve my coding skills. Was enjoying my work and freedom in the new company. Again did not give CAT, but it was constantly ringing in my mind.

2008: Realized that I want to be in India and a career as a techie in India is not feasible financially or work satisfaction wise unless you have a super brain and have lots of inclination towards technical side of things(this is not to say that B-School grads don't have brains...!!It's just that they use it in a different way) a, both of which I don't have. So CAT was back into the picture and was playing in my mind like background music. But as I said I was lazy and got comfortable with my job. Still, I enrolled for TIME AIMCAT series and was writing them with out any preparation or analysis and my scores varied from 65 to 97 percentile many of them being in 80s, but I was scoring consistently good in VA and it was my strength. I had this strong belief (don't ask me from where I got this funny idea, but it sure helped me...!!!)that I am always a big game player and I would do well when it matters the most and that is what kept me going in spite of my fluctuating mock scores, but also led me to a sense of complacency. Finally on the C-day gave the exam with out an iota of anxiety or stress or any expectations. Results came OA 97.56 (VA 98.XX QA 88.XX DI 88.XX) Felt bad about it thinking had I practiced QA and DI I would have cracked it. Again forgot about CAT and concentrated on my work which was getting boring day by day and not even remotely challenging.

2009: June came and with it the mock CAT season. Started giving mocks seriously this time and analyzed the first few mocks after the exam. Scores still fluctuated wildly 65 to 95 percentile. Somewhere in August lost the motivation, but the thought of CAT engulfed me all the time. All I did was just think about the exam and do nothing about it. The feeling was so intense that I became more frustrated about my inaction and I still did nothing...!!!! This was the time when the holiest of the threads on pagalguy came to my rescue. I don't know how many times and how many hours I spent reading this thread again and again. Finally I pulled myself up and decided that it was now or never. For the whole of october I religiously prepared for the exam. Analyzing mocks, solving QA and DI from previous papers and reading as if my life depended on it..!!! And then it happened again...lost my motivation and this thread came to my rescue yet again. Took 10days leave from office before the exam and revised all my quant basics, read different kinds of stuff and just relaxed. On the C-day went to the center along with my friend and just gave it normally as if it is some mock CAT. Attempted around 53 questions and was satisfied, but did not have high hopes as reports on PG suggested that the paper was easy and people were attempting 50+ questions. Anyway, forgot about it as even the answer key was not there to indulge in speculations.

2010: Concentrated on my job and the period of jan to feb was one of my most productive times at work. And after all the drama results came. I scored 99.15 (QA 99.24, DI = 94.67, VA = 95.43). Expected BLIK calls, but it turned out BC(PGDCM)LI. Till then I never attended a GD in my entire life and had no idea how a B-School interview was going to be. Took help for interview from one of my dad's friend's son who is an IIM C alumni and also from my cousin who is also an IIM C alumni..!!! Did all my GDs and PIs well except for Lucknow in which I was royally screwed in the GD where I hardly spoke..!!Finally converted C and I. The day I converted C was the most happiest day in my life till then and I can't forget that moment. I jumped on my mom and dad like a small child and started kissing them wildly. I could not sleep that night wondering if I really converted it.

Things I want to say to you guys even though you would have probably heard these things a thousand times:

1. Self belief is the most important factor in your success. Period.

2. Never ever give up. I could have easily given up writing CAT after having 4 yrs of work ex, but my dream kept me going and of course this thread. Guys, seriously, after having 4yrs of work ex people loose the motivation to give CAT and explore other options and it has happened to many of my friends. I don't know what I would have done if I did not get through this time, but still I kept my hopes alive for 4 yrs.

3. Don't take it seriously. This may seem contradictory, but it helps to keep your calm in the exam, but also be guarded against complacency during preparation stage.

4. It's not the end of world. Not getting into IIMs or a good B-School is not the end of world. Believe that there are better things coming your way. Believe me when I say I am no longer euphoric over getting into IIM C. That moment of glory is over. It's fleeting. After all the wishes have poured in, it's back to normal for me. People have moved on with their lives and I am again back to thinking what's next...!!!! So please enjoy each and every moment of your life and that's the most important thing.

5. Last but not the least, please read this whole thread atleast thrice before you start CAT prep...!!!! are well on the way for your RC prep..!!!


anyone received the confirmation e-mail ? through PGDCM....!!!

Congrats to all those selected...looking forward to know you guyz

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mine is on 20th april at hyd..!!

I see guyz mentioning they got 2 e-mails...As of now I got only 1 e-mail...


1.In the income field do we need to mention the ctc or the take home salary as per the income tax returns form?
2. Do we need to bring any proof for the same? If so, what kind of proof will be accepted.

Please clarify...Thanks in advance.


in the family income column should I include my income as well or only my parents income? Because I would resigning if I get an admit right..please clarify.


I also haven't received any email notification as yet.
Can someone please post the contents of email here?


Please check page 29. I have posted the content of the e-mail..
Content of the e-mail for those who haven't received it yet. Some one has already attached the interview form in the previous pages. Please check out.

Dear Candidate,

This is with reference to your application for admission to our PGP 2010 -12 Batch.

We are happy to inform you that you have been shortlisted for second stage of selection process for our PGP 2010-12 Batch.

Attached please find an Interview Form.

You are required to send the following documents to Admission office on the address given below at the earliest. Make sure that these documents should reach this office by Wednesday, 17th March 2010.

(1) Duly completed interview form (Please keep a copy of the filled in interview form with you, as the copy is required to be presented before the panelist during interview).

(2) Attested photocopies of the following marksheets
(a) 10th standard or equivalent.
(b) 12th standard or equivalent.
(c) Bachelor's Degree: 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, 5th year.
(d) Work Experience Certificate(s) (if applicable)

(3) Attested photocopy of a valid certificate in support of your claim that you belong to SC/ST/OBC-NC/PWD category (if applicable).

The formal interview call letter will be send to you in due course.

With best wishes,

Admissions Office
IIM Indore

Address for communication
Indian Institute of Management Indore
Prabandh Shikhar, Rau-Pithampur Road
Indore - 453331
Tel.No.: 0731-2439685
ur 2 cents plzzzzz


Need a quick help...
1) The LORs--> I am not sending these 3 LORs either in hardcopy or softcopy and instead will carry it on the D -Day. This is fine right? Please help...
2) I am sending the self attested latest salary slip. My HR is not authorised to sign it since it is soft copy. Not an issue right?
Please helpppppp

Hi SmilingFace,

1. yes, it is ok to carry LORs at the time of your interview.
2. I don't think self attestation will work. Though I am not sure on this.
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Guys... Any idea when the interview schedule will be out ?