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u r going to join?

can u pls share your % ile and accads pls

I wud b joining IIM-Kozhikode.

My Percentile : 98.73 (OA), 99( Q ), 95.7 (Verbal)

Acads: Grads: 86.1 %, ECE

10+2: 88.5 % Science
10: 91.3 %

Work-Ex: 2 years 6 months. Sector: Telecom.. Ericsson///

Hope it helps..
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Ding-dong.. IIM Kashipur is perhaps uploading results..

Time 4 d last one of d season..

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Sandeepppp Says
i think there is nothing for you you in kashipur, since u r already selected in iimK

I do agree.. Though I wud hv preffered a bit different wordings..:grin:

Its just dat its d last result and even if u have decided where u r going, it hardly quenches curiosity 2 know other results... and dat too of an IIM..!!!

Btw, any grapevine about d timing f result u know of ??
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CAT Reg. No.
Name of Candidate
Date of Birth

Congratulations & Welcome to IIM Raipur
With reference to your application for admission to IIM Raipur.

So what were you saying about IIM Raipur Website? :P

Thnx a lot mate.. Ur last sentence was a fitting reply..

I dont know if I will get in IIM Kashipur or not..

So, this is can well be my last chance to use dis smiley...

Cheers 2 conversion to IIM-Raipur,

P.S: wont be joining. Its K for me. WL 4 GEN moves by 1.
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My last result of the season wud be IIM Kashipur.. Wish dey come out wid it soon enuf 2 finally put an end to this journey.. A gruelling one,.. thoroughly satisfying as well.

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Can anybody please check my result ??

D.O.B: 29/01/1987

Raipur website is pathetic.. :sneaky::sneaky:

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Site not opening..!!! This is utterly disgusting.. They cant handle dis much traffic..:nono:

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I received the mail from IIM Ranchi today afternoon saying I have offered provisional admission. Does it mean I am selected or in the waitlist?

Der ayye durust aye!!!!

Yes.. It means u r Selected.. Congrats..
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Puys who r dejected 4 not getting any mail,.. Cheer up. Because still, dere's enuf chance u will get it any time soon..

I just got a mail from I I M- Ranchi.
"You have been provisionally selected for admission to the 2-year PGDM for the session 2012-14. You are requested to confirm the acceptance of this offer by e_mail on or before 02:00 PM on Saturday, 12th May, 2012, failing which, your seat will go to the candidates in the waiting list. "

Its a straight convert... Wont be joining though. Will go 4 IIM-K.

WL for Gen moves by 1. :biggrin::biggrin:

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monty27 Says
were morning list ?

No.. U mean 2 say a .txt file uploaded in PG, rite ??
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