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lopamudra0303 Says
did u get d new admit card?

i did not have any admit card ealier as the test was not gettin scheduled but now it is done and i see 'resend application' and 'resend admit card' on the website. i did not get email even after using these options but i think that can be taken least my test has been scheduled and have the details with me.....

I am from Bangalore. I am trying to schedule my test time and date thru the website from past 2 weeks. Every time i login, it throws error and asks to try again. Today is the last date to finish the registration. I have tried calling the admissions office in IIMB. No response. Anyone faced/facing the same problem? If so, Please let me know how to get past this problem.

call on 1 800 103 9293...follow instructions on ivr and speak to the representative

they are taking calls today as well
hey dd u get da mail....??
evn da candidate care executives wun b avlble 2de.....

call on that 1800 number...they are takin the calls today as well...things on their website are not working but the executive on phone scheduled the test for me.
shobhana Says
But would they attend calls on sundays ?

today is the last day to they should. i have not even been able to schedule an appointment yet. since yesterday..i am getting "
An error occurred:

There was an error completing the request. This may be due to heavy traffic volume, please try again in a few moments."

IIMs are just having fun with the lives of us poor kids now with all this technology and going online thing when they cannot manage shiat

i called on the number given on the is just the they even anticipate that candidates will not be able to register? how can i speak to someone at prometric? :(:(

Even I am getting that same TRAFFIC ERROR for past 10 days Can someone please help ? I have already e-mailed the authorities regarding this but no reply from them yet and to call ....they are having so many multiple option on that voice response....its so confusing.

today is the last day .....someone please help or no CAT

it is ridiculous...thanks to prometric...even a simple thing like registering for cat has become a pain in the @ss.

i am from haryana and there are no centres available nearby anymore. do i need to go to andhra pradesh to appear in cat thiss year? and i am not even able to get a slot. the website says "
An error occurred:

There was an error completing the request. This may be due to heavy traffic volume, please try again in a few moments."



tum aa gaye ho
noor aa gaya hain
tum aa gaye ho
noor aa gaya hain
chalo teeno mil kar ludo khelte hain

sahaiiitm Says
It would be pleasant if you can shed some light on yourself as had been asked in an earlier post before we take up further queries. Someone has taken the lead n already introduced herself.

shedding light on myself:

i am DCE passout
calls from IIITM, IMT Nagpur
converted both
Joining :None

i understand we are undergoing recession and placements have been bad but beating around the bush does not give a decent picture.
Most of the times last year I could hardly ascertain which days were on and which days were off....... so it hardly will matter

also odd sem - august to november
and even sem - january to april

there are two minors (each of 1 week stretch) each sem in 1-1.5 month's interval

summer interns - april to july

these are the tentative schedule

actual ones will be coming once semester starts

can some senior shed light on the things we should bring along when we come on 28 July....other than our certificates...and clothes wht about laptops and all???

also..please update on the placements...which all companies recruited MBA students finally.