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seniors I have a question...
My loan is still under processing and we have to deposit the fees before 30 the.
If the loan does not get processesd then how can we extend the date or can we pa half the amount and then give the rest in a week or so. Please reply its urgent..

I just read these posts and really flabbergasted at what I see here....Sneha_21 and Maverick...well done guys...

I dont understand whats the need for people to put in fake votes on this public forum...and not one but there are several others who are doing something like this.....

All of us want to reach the best of institutions and get fat pay packages, super opportunities...blah blah blah..but at what cost...what do these people want to prove???something which is incomprehensible....

I might sound emotinal or so called Senty here but its been anxious times for not only me but a lot of us waiting for the waitlist....we call SP office, we c the website 10 times a day..with a glimmer of hope that something WILL HAPPEN

P.S- An MBA can probably teach you to be a good manager...but sadly it cant teach you to be a GOOD HUMAN BEING

Dude I was not planning to join as I am waitlisted for IIM S but now I consulted with the seniors and finally joining SPJIMR...No wrong intentions here..

We need to send the rest 4.4 lac by 30 April but then when do we need to submit the extra amount for the hostels as it is on first come first basis.

I am WL -121..Is there any chance??

hi, you've been helpful in the IIM B thread. I have a call from SP Jain ..appeared for IIM B and IIM S. Dilemma over IIM S VS SP Jain.... Some say Brand matters, others differ....can u help clear the air?

@manasi123 and R@J: Even I have calls from IIM S and SP Jain(IM).
Can you help me out please..

Seniors ,
What about the loan schemes as it is given in the annexure that the bank provides the loan at concessional rates for SP Jain Students?

I have a couple of questions, I made it to Info. Mgmt.

1) Does SPJIMR offer any student exchange programs for the 2yr full-time PGDM? COuldn't find any info. on the website so I don't think it does.

2) Even though I'm in IM, I have a little interest in stocks. I'm not asking if I can change my specialisation to Finance, but can one still participate in the stock trading game? Or to generalise - games available for a specialization, can people from other specs. also participate in them. I'm sure it'll help one diversify better.

P.S. IM has no games! .. why??

^^I would be interested to know this too

What about the profiles after IM Specialization (after 3-4 years)
Seniors please answer these queries...

hi..What are the profiles given after IM specialization? Doesn't it get confined or we can get a chance to change profile later in industry??
What is the profile of the IM batch of 3-4 years old.

Can anyone throw light on the summer internships of IIM Shillong ?

Shashank Prabhu @shashank3012
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