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Hi Puys,

I have been a silent observer to this forum for quite some time nw. After a long wait, gruelling interview and a kickass season of admits, i feel glad to say, that yes, i got in - Hyderabad, here i come. All those hours of burning the midnight oil and rushing to work the following morning has finally paid off.

I was really hoping on meeting fellow Co 2013 folks in a Mumbai meet. Pls let me know where we could catch up.

@Kushthevocal - Dude, u rem. i told you that u do have an interesting profile and will surely make it. Yup, i am the same guy who met you at the Hyd airport before the interview and the one with whom you had a lil chat over a cigarette. Congrats dude.

Puys - Lets have a Mumbai Meet. Wat say?

oyeeeee sure I do remember I am too drunk to PM you my no.

here it is.. buzz me on 9819681208, call and soon lets get drunk and chat

oyeeeee sure I do remember I am too drunk to PM you my no.

here it is.. buzz me on 9819681208, call and soon lets get drunk and chat

Finally the mail and I am in... Congrats to all call getters

Some imp info: The results won't come out on 15th Feb. (99%).
Last week of Feb is what we can expect.
Source: very reliable, works for the ISB adcom.
Rationale: 6k appns this time ! The interviews went on until yesterday. So no way of articulating all results by 15th Feb !

Sorry for the bad news, but thought I'd mention it.
We can confirm this tomorrow by calling ISB.


Interviews were anyway scheduled till Feb 8, don't think couple of days more will make any difference.

End feb is not possible because then there is absolutely no breather for the wait-listed candidates

So it might get extended till the coming weekend, not later than that for sure.
Totally understand what you mean. Keeping a 30% tax deduction in mind, that 13L would drop to a 9L. Plus, with that loan, it would be a 30K/month for 5-6 years And to top it all, if I land even an 18L job, that would mean taking at least 10% pay-cut :-(

Career shift comes with a heavy price :grin: But fingers still crossed for 15th

13 Lac.. no ****ing way??!!!

Are you sure?
thisissiddharth Says
thanks .. will keep that in mind .. am sure they'l give me some case study .. cuz part of my profile is also brand strategy , which attracts a lot of cases in general ... as for the campus i hope i get hyderabad cuz for my UG degree i was in hyd for 4 years :)

whoa! now this is Epic.....

For all the guys in the forum.. Sid is my super senior from NIFT.....

Wowness.... all the best, it will be mad if we study in the same class!
soubhg Says
I do agree...the class size matters and works against ISB as far as ranking is concerned..


'WARPED' rankings
sausi007 Says
The industry loves their products, that's why !

Yup and their products have been indeed roaring all these years
Business school rankings from the Financial Times - Global MBA Rankings 2012

ISB loses ranking points........now 20th........IIM-A retains 11th spot.........

Somehow IIM A never loses its charm of the 'Best in India'
WhiteWNNoise Says
Phod diya.... nice... see u in my city very soon (apr 15) :)

Hope so mate.. I consider hyderabad as my city too :)

I have done college here and is indeed one of the best places ever