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Suneer Says
2-3 years? My prediction would be not more than 2-3 series, attitude or no atitude.

No, I suspect he'll continue for longer than that. For all his lack of talent and skill, we must not forget that he's been as consistent an opener as India could hope for. And then again, he is rumoured to be a fine fielder.
He could be out of the ODI team soon enough, but there's some time before we see the last of him in tests.
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Few points:
- It seems that our batting is over once we are 5 down. Looking at other teams who go bang bang after 4-5 down, there is something wrong somewhere!:(

The 'wrong' is in the batting order. The hitters are all clustered at the top, due to which, once they are dismissed, the innings runs out of steam. My optimal batting order would be

Irfan Pathan

Yuvraj is the only batsman in this order capable of structuring, controlling and pacing an innings. He needs to go at no. 3. By getting Pathan in between, we can ensure that Dhoni is still around for the final few overs. Dhoni and Uthappa's position can be interchanged if the management feels Dhoni needs to bat more overs.

What are Agarkar and Karthik doing in the team? The former is the only player who can win a game for the opposition in the death overs. We scaped through in the last match but paid heavily in this one. Is there some BCCI connection for Agarkar that I am missing? The later does not have the ability to clear the fence et all. Shouldn't Yusuf Pathan (Yes, Irfan's brother) replace at least one of them?

You ask why Agarkar is in this team??? I am not even sure why he is on this planet!
Your guess is as good as mine!
If Agarkar continues to be in this team for the next two games, I am almost certain we will see the opposition scoring in excess of 220 in one of the games. Wanderers or no Wanderers!

Where's Chetan? I was looking forward to discussing captaincy with him!
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dude....i thank u fr the many adjectives used fr my defense of the man under debate....but again m talkin india s interests here....nt sachin s....

I am back!

Sachin for captain!!! Good gracious! Do you want him to lose whatever little form he has mustered off late? Arey yaar, let the man be!
And not taking over the captaincy in the best interest of Sachin himself. Why get yourself needlessly burdened with captaincy at the fag end of your career and risk being remembered as one of India's worst captains ever!
The same holds true for Ganguly as well (not the worst captain part, just the fag end of career bit ). No point in taking over as captain now.
The argument about a young immature captain for the Australian tour is perhaps true. Really, if at all we don't want to risk an inexperienced captain till that series, the best solution really, is asking Dravid himself to continue till then. We can look at whoever we want to after that.
But seriously, no Sachin please! Please!!!!
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Just finished VS Naipaul's A house for Mr. Biswas
It is an excellent book - Naipaul's sardonic sense of humour has been used extremely effectively. People who have been part of a reasonably large family will find it hilarious! Its also recommended for the reading parent community - it is a way of life that they have seen at closer quarters than us.

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hi puys,

i wanted to know how important the relieving letter is. will the payslips and offer letter do

Should be enough. Don't see a reason why anybody should have a problem as long as the payslips and/or offer letters establish the date of joining and the date of relieving.

However, let me share a personal experience with you in this regard. This was during my interviews at various B schools last year. The name of the B school shall remain undisclosed because it will make the situation and myself sound more important

I carried my offer letter and the most recent month's payslip to the interview for verification. Did not carry my first payslip along for two reasons:

1. I thought it wouldn't be required since the offer letter explicitly mentions the date of joining
2. I had misplaced it

The person verifying the document enquired about the payslip to which I cooked some suitable globe and drew his attention to the joining date on the offer letter. To this, that remarkably intelligent character calmly contended that the date of joining on the offer letter need not necessarily be the date I actually joined the company.
After trying to reason out the obvious fallacies of this argument with him for a while, I gave up. He said he wouldn't be able to consider my work ex for the purpose of further evaluation of my candidature, to which I, in slighltly subtler terms, told him to buzz off.

The point is, you never know what kind of people you come up against. So my advice is, whatever has been mentioned in that 'required documents' list of yours, just bring them along. If the company doesn't issue it, get your superior to write one to similar effect and sign it himself. But do bring it along. No point in trying your luck in these matters
Hi Kushal,

I have a similar query.. My company is refusing to relieve me before June 29th. What they are saying is that I can go there on a day's leave on June 20th and complete all the registration formalities. But then I have to come back and will get the relieving letter only on June 29th.

So, is there a way, I can ask the Profs there to absolve me from attending classes until June 29th, join the classes from June 30th, and have the work-ex certificate showing June 29th as the relieving date, a 10 days overlap between IIML reg. on June 20th and company relief.

The issue's been discussed at some length, I've seen. But since the question was addressed to me, I feel it is my responsibility to answer

Registering late, as has been pointed out, can be allowed in certain special cases. Whether this situation qualifies as 'special' enough depends entirely upon the judgement of the PGP Chairperson and your ability to persuade and negotiate. But being granted attendance is out of question. Don't think anybody's going to grant you that. Especially, since there's hardly any proof to corroborate the fact that you will be in office during that time and not sight seeing.
Talk to your company. See if you can get them to relieve you in time. If the company is as adamant as our PGP office, you may just have to live with a week of attendance taken off...which essentially means you'll have to attend almost everything once you join classes.
One idea: See if your company is willing to address a request to IIM Lucknow stating the problem and their reasons for retaining you till whatever date they have in mind. If they are willing to do that, you may be able to negotiate better with the PGP office. Its never happened before, but that shouldn't stop you from trying!
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Please do reply to this query asap. i need to talk to HR accordingly...

You tell me what you think should be the answer to this. Using pure simple logic, how can the relieving date be after your joining date?
Technically, it is impossible.
What you are actually asking is whether there's scope for a 'non-technical' solution

Answering that is difficult. In all probability you will get away with a minor mismatch of dates. People might not notice. But thats about it. If they do notice, there's no way in the world you can justify it.
I personally think that it would be unwise to do it; its not worth the risk. Lets see what my other friends have got to say about it.
hi frns

i have some queries.....

1. i have 32 months work experiense in mechanical design. wud that be considered for lateral placements.

2. in the offer letter i've received it is mentioned that during the course insitute will provide only bachelor's accomodation. is there any provision thru which i can apply for married accomodation????

Please Reply

1. Yes it will be considered for lateral placements.
2. Accomodation for married students is provided in the FPM hostel. We have friends in our batch (PGP) who have been assigned rooms in the FPM hostel. There's no cause for concern.
On similar lines...

1. my work ex is coming out to be exactly 52 weeks - 26 June 2006 to 22 June 2007 ( provided that I come back after registration @ Lucknow to get my relieving letter ??: ) Will that be counted as 12 months work ex for laterals??

2. Also do ppl with just about a year work ex opt for laterals even if they are eligible. What I mean to ask is that is it worth to push for 12 months by hook or crook?

Yes, 52 weeks will qualify you for lateral placements. In fact, I really don't see how 52 weeks is different from 1 year in the first place. 52X7 = 364 days... (unless my sense of elementary mathematics has deserted me entirely)

lateral placements for people with 1 year experience is not very lucrative, to be honest. I myself have a year of experience and am really not looking seriously at lateral placements.
Its your call, really. We'd suggest that you complete the year. If you think you can gain substantially from not completing it (an Indian tour or something), then you can of course, decide otherwise
subodh_iit Says
1. Is there a cafeteria in the hostel?? Is any kind of room service available for Cold Drinks/Juices/Snacks etc.

No. No cafetaria in individual hostels. However there's a Canteen (Fauji Dhaba) on campus. You can order food & beverages from them and have it delivered to your room.

subodh_iit Says
2. This specialization thing seems to be old-fashioned. Rather choosing electives as you wish seems to be in vogue now-a-days. Are there any steps being taken Student Committee to remove these restrictions for specializations and all?

Specializations are not going to be taken off in the near future. In any case, a specialization doesn't force you to take up the entire set of courses offered in a certain area and not get to read anything else at all. You can always choose your remaining courses (non specialization ones) from other areas.

subodh_iit Says
3. What is the mode of teaching?? Theory or cases.. What kind of reference materials?? - Only Books or from a wide variety.

A mixture of the two.
Reference material will predominantly be books. Some profs will expect reading from other sources - primarily the internet.

subodh_iit Says
4. For the laptop loan, can I purchase it now - and then get the money reimbursed on the bill, or should the bill be dated after I join IIML.

I have absolutely no idea. Someone else will answer this one, I am sure.

And for the bulk purchase, do we have to choose from a fixed set of models of say HP, or we have the choice of whichever model we want but it should be of HP. If only from the fixed models, who decides the models.

That is it for now.. :)

Yes, it will be a fixed model that will be ordered. The decision of the model will be taken by your batch, aided by us. Whatever is eventually decided upon will then stand. You have the option of ordering or not ordering it thereafter.