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mohsin_infy Says
do you know when are they going to send the final letter to us with fee structure and date of joining.

sorry I didnt enquire about it


1) I personaly went to colloge and asked for the fee structure, they gave me another brochure and told that there is no revision as of now. Hope SBI can accept photocopy of the brochure you have been provided. Also IMT's website says " Candidates may like to directly approach State Bank of India branches for educational loans. IMT has no role in arranging educational loans for the candidates. " So I think SBI Ghaziabad can provide the loans.
2) As the 2nd instalment of Rs.141500 is due on 15. Oct 2009. So no fee at the time of registration.
3) For address change I had to submit an application requesting the same.
Hope I have answered ur queries


IMT Ghaziabad Batch of 2009-11
PGDM (Finance)
Worked in HCL for 27 months.
B.Tech in ECE from AKGEC Ghaziabad


Congratualations! You have been offered admission to
PGDM(Finance) Ghaziabad programme.

CAT OA - 97.43, QA 97.15, DI 98.83, VA 79.40
Workex - 24 months IT

I m on d WL and I dont know my rank till of our friends had given d procedure 2 search 4 it on d MQ application page of NMIMS site.I m pasting it.Please somebody check it 4 me.I checked d HTML page with many keywords it always says cannot find.My NMAT id is 303883 and DOB 01/02/1986.

INPUT TYPE="hidden" name="meritno" value=456>
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Please call on below numbers, calci will be delivered to your address. Got it the same way.
Mr. Vishal
09899448948, 09910234284

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Dude , I myself have no idea, for this year. I am looking for them too. Let me get a link and will pm u the same.
Forum rules specify that we cant post this info on the thread.


Hello Akshat,
Please PM me the same in case you get it, i got it of previous yr that too shows expired after instalation.


I am planning to touch the mountains of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norkay this June i.e Nepal

can sone please provide me the complete schedule to prepare for level I, wanted to know how much hours shd be devoted by an average student for each chapter. Please as I have messed up my studies and need some targets for every topics and plan for nxt 100 days.

FYI Puys,

in case anyone wanted to change his/her course preferences, an application was to be written and submitted instantly.


Got HR call only
OA - 97.43
DI - 98.83
QA - 97.15
VA - 79.40