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Hi Ganesh,
First you are doing a great job assisting all of us...Thank you!

My query is that one of my 2 recommenders did not fill my recommendation. What kind of effect will it have on my application?
Will it lessen my chances of a call?

If one of my 2 recommenders does not fill in the recommendation, does my form get rejected?

Are there any sectional cut offs through XAT?

I dont have my seventh sem marksheet. But I do have marksheets for all other semesters with the average percentage mentioned on each of them.
Also, I do have the degree certificate with the overall average mentioned.
Will it suffice if I get all semesters marksheets(minus 7th sem) and the degree?

same here! even i was shocked..sum where here on pagalguy i just read that they would have all the info..which we had uploaded....it is just some error on the website that is causing the incomplete show of data

hi team,
can u please let me know which all documents are required during verification? for graduation, I have the degree certificate(which has the average marks) and also the final sem marksheet(which also has the average marks). Is this sufficient?

wanted to know which all documents needed for verification purpose? For graduation, will the final sem marksheet(that has the average percentage of all sems too) and the degree certificate (that too has the average percentage of all sems too) suffice?

Which all documents needed verification? For graduation, will the final sem marksheet and the degree certificate(that has the marks) sufficient?

hi all!

91 is my score in snap.
applied to sibm-p and scmhrd.
whats ur take?

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so Nice to see this thread!

Can someone guide me:

I plan to take the GMAT in Aug end and have planned to apply for cycle 1 (Sept 15). But my question:

1. What is the difference in cycle 1 and cycle 2 ? Is no. Of seats allocated more for cycle 1 than for cycle 2 ? or is there preference given to cycle 1 aspirants? Bcoz if there is no major difference, then I would rather take the GMAT a bit late and apply aaram-se in cycle 2?