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i) Sydenham has the worst college timings ever. Being a government college, all these lectures are arranged by us students, which affects a lot, especially for people not staying close to sydenham. Lectures at 7 pm, 10 pm.no lectures in the day.horrible I must say. The faculty is 100 % visting, and hence we have to cater to their time.

Ok... just to clear this issue up....there was never a lecture in the last one year which started after 7/730..... and also... even if there are any late lectures..... in the 2 yrs of MBA... MBA should be priority... all the other things have the whole lifetime !

ii) The infrastructure is just pathetic for management education. And all this talk of improving infrastructure is all bull shit, going on from the time I joined and passed out. Education, ho hum, Mumbai University, what people study at Chetna or Dalmiya, even I studied the same. As a serious study guy , I had little to study and more to merry. Exams, blah, again the same old examination method, study past 5 years papers and you are through MBA.

As mentioned before, the infra has been overhauled this summer... and i will soon post pics too if required to be proved... anyways.... people expecting a 5-star hotel.... please stay away... its a B-school!

iii) Placement facts at Sydenham- No oneI repeat no one knows what the real Placement figures are except for the placement committee. The truth for this year is they say highest package is 20 lacs, that, guys is for a guy with over 8 years of experience and not a 1 year but on a 3 year contract, yes, 3 years for 20 lacs, that's around 6.6 lacs per annum. The placement committee has a few members who in the lack of faculty support play with our career. Their friends get the best packages, need I say more. Did anyone say that 8 people in the batch have not been placed till date? Out of these 8 I know 3 are engineers. And please do not expect great profiles to start with. Many of the companies that come to our college come to every other college in Mumbai, the profile and packages are same.

Complete bulls**T...... placement process is 100% transparent and the students in Placecom are able, responsible and unbaised.

iv) The alumni support is just pathetic, few alumni even care to be associated or r even proud to be associated with us, some who do support are treated badly by the juniors themselves.

Crap..... (thats all i can say)

v) Everything is done by students (now don't tell me this is learning, I have learnt nothing but seeing vested interests)

Thats called Practical Learning.... if you cant handle an event/committee... what will you handle an organisation!!!!:satisfie:

vi) How much does it take for a website in 2007? We had a media committee, which just keeps giving excuses for why do we need a website? Boss why do we need a Media committee then, shut up and study.

A simple website/blog wouldnt need a professional hand.. if and when we do it.. we want it to be a proper one...not a major issue still!

vii) Our director, P V Dabli is another very big contributor to the sydenham fiasco. All that has happened is students fighting for things to get done, and nothing comes out for years.

This one is totally not required.. he has taken the college where it stands today and done his job very well.....We are proud of his achievements

I will end with a quote from a pagalguy member's signature which says -


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Hey guys,

Dont know whether this is possible.. but if it is... do edit the first post where it says "PGDBM (seperate Test)" .. since now its been merged with MMS in Mh-CET..


Hey Puneet, Allwyn, KK, Monil and the rest of the NASEOH team,

I hope u ppl remember me... how are things going on??.. its been months since i left for Hyderabad...

Btw.. there is a surprise news for you.. after spending more than 3 months in HYD.. I finally got thru Sydenham PG..and so am back to Mumbai!!!

Have started college and I have classes all 7 days... but i am gonna sure try and be back with NASEOH asap....!

Tomo is a bit dicy... lets see when i can meet you guys!!


I think there is no need for me to reply to these the "Crazy" guys after so many Sydenhamites have given them what they really deserved!

I hope you learnt ur lesson and dont even dare to repeat this again.. as my friends have already mentioned.... try and do something constructive dude...what a shame you are bringing to yourself and your respective colleges by posting such crap!!

And now to all my dear Sydenhamites... keep this thread going.. dont let this good work you started be disturbed by such idiots... I too will contribute to PG as much as possible.... am really proud of my batch and the seniors!!



hi kunal !!
u forgot me :((!! just kidding !! welcome to sydenham !! good tht u liked the enthusiasm!!

OOOPS!! forgive me for that error.... AAP to College ki shaan ho!

Thank you Rahine, Ajesh and Anurag for the warm welcome....... its great to be a part of the Sydenham gang..and the enthu I saw in the class today was just brilliant... hope our batch reaches new heights... BEST OF LUCK to all!!



Can anyone let me know 2 things -->

1. The time table for the PG class for Monday
2. The yahoo group for PGDBM 06-08 batch..


SOrry to interrupt the fun.. but can anyone tell me at what score the MMS admission closed at on the 10th ??


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can neone pls tellme wether ne of this people has got thru syd pg in 3rd round.


I am KUNAL SURATI ... and i got thru Syd PGDBM last thursday.. will be joining college from Monday...

Can anyone from 2006-08 PG batch let me know the timetable for MONDAY ??

Hey ppl !!

I got to know that IIFT has increased its course fee to rs. 8 lacs//
Is it right ???

Lets not wander away from the thread topic.... this thread is meant for IBSAT 2006...
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