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katty14 Says
hey puys...My name is in the list but i dont have admit card...i forgot my roll number....Please help

Hi, if you still have your IIFT Question Paper, they require you to write your roll no. there on the question paper in a separate column...
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Q. Find the remainder when 2(27!) is divided by 29?

Please explain the approach as well in as much detail as possible. I know this can be solved using Wilson's theorem but how?


Section 1 - 23

Section 2 - 40

OA - 63. :-(

Might get me a decent percentile, but I need an immediate over - haul.

I also felt that the questions in this mock were not that tough in section-1 , but I think almost everyone here had a problem with accuracy this time. So I think questions were designed in such a way so as to take a toll on our accuracy. :splat: Looking at the polls , I still think this should fetch you around 750-850 AIR rank which should fetch you a percentile above 96..
P.S- I have around the same score , so was tracking the polls.

I am getting an overall of 77.
QA+DI - 33
VA+LR - 42

Screwed Sec 2 accuracy. My poorest performance in English this season.
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Overall 70.

Hey Guys,

Help me out with this one.

Q. A circular table is pushed in one of the corners of a room. The corner is making an angle 90 degrees. There is a spot on the edge of the table that is 9m away from one of the walls and 8m away from another. (Both the walls form the corner in question).

1. How many such tables are possible?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 4
d. 3
e. Data Insufficient.

2. What is the diameter of the table?
a. 10m
b. 58m
c. 10 or 58m
d. 48m
e. No such table is possible.

3. If the spot is on the edge which is in between the points of contact of the table and the walls, then the radius of the table is
a. 5m
b. 29m
c. 58m
d. 14m
e. None of these.

Please also explain your approach.


The answer is 9/8. Thanks Chillfactor Sir

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Hey Guys,

Can you please help me solve this:

If one root of the equation (I-m)x2 + Ix +1 = 0 is double of the other and is real, find the greatest value of m.

Also tell me your approach for solving such questions.


Hey Guys,

How does one compare two logs with different bases and decide which one is greater?

Eg: log (275 with base 17) compared to log (375 with base 19)


Is there any difference between candidates entering through Merit Seat and those through Management Quota for MBA Banking, apart from the fees? That is, in the degree or at the time of placements, will it be mentioned anywhere that the candidate got admission through Management Quota etc. Kindly reply since I have a merit rank of 588 and should be able to make it through the Management Quota seat.