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Hi guys, I wanted some information about the PGDM course (AICTE approved) at MET. Since the first batch would be graduating the next year, dont really have a lot of records.. but can someone provide some insider information about the whole course.. i mean is it upto the mark as the other course.. n what si the 'e-commerece' thing it mentions??

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bumpoos Says
Hi all, i am an engg graduate and have been working for last 3 years in a BPO, planning to do an MBA , is it too late to start preparing for CAT 2008 or other such exams,{( no plans to join IIMs :wink: , considering my profile which isnt all that great}, any college among TOP 50 would do .I didnt have great acads...got some back logs during my BE, do I stand a chance of getting admission in a decent college if I get good scores in the entrance exam.....please provide your valuable suggestions

hey bampoos, no matter how you would have got through with your BE degree has no relevence with your getting admission into some good college or not..
n having that kind of experience to speaak of, if used in the right approach, could prove very useful..
first of all get things started by getting some professional coaching.. cause they really help streamlining things other than any thign else.. where do you stay.. i stay in vashi and Career Forum out here is simply great.. they have a speacil engineers' batch too, which is simply a complete boon.. also heard they have some special discounts for working guys.. u gotta check that out with them.. baaki a personal thought, engg studis has absolutely nothing to do with MBA prep.. i too had ample backlogs in my engg, but cracked the mba enterances.. it is just your dedication.. get on the bandwagon buddy.. hope you have a great ride
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hi guys....

I am currently wotking and plannin to join time classis in vashi for its TEST SERIES. I am intresred in luking at private coachng classe for di and stuf...cos i dnt wnt 2 tak up al the 2 subjects as the clsses put frwrd...ny idea ny? cn trvl til mulund cos i wrk arnd der n stay in new bombay...:)

i dont know about anyone as such, but you surely can check out with Sandeep sir at Career Forum Vashi.. he was the one who helped us over and above the classroom coaching to get the much required edge to make it through..
CET: 99.85 %ile :))
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hey bampoos (quite a name!) amongst the classes along the western line, I would recommend ONLY IMS Santacruz .. keep the branch in mind too since the the ones in borivali has quite a bad reputation :(
also the prof are not the same in different branches....

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Hi guys iam from Thane,
have just recently completed my Engg.guys can u tell me which are the good coaching centre in mumbai and thane at present.
iam ready for a group meet.

hey nimesh, since you have completed your engineering, i would suggest that you go in for the special engineers' batch at Career Forum at Vashi, as I have :)
Since more or less the difficulties faced by 'us' all are the same, being all engineers' in the batch would help in better co-ordination.. enquire them for vacancies..
hope this helps you.. cheers buddy!
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Hi Ashish,
Thanks for the initiative to help :)
Was having a lil hard time finding info related to the e-empowered MBA (the non-AICTE approved).
Wel I have applied for the same and have my rounds on the 7th. I have selected the option of giving the MET-CET. Just wantd some information about the same. I would number them for your ease to answer..
1) I heard that it would have questions of MH-CET level. Is that right??
2) What would be the duration of the paper??
3) What about the negative marking??
4) Would there be seperate sections??
5) Is the GD having normal topics or based on case studies??

Awaiting a reply.
Thanks in advance

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Hey buddies, just take it easy...... :-o
the process is very chilled out.. and during the group interviews, they mostly ask for answers individually.. though they might stump you with some general knowledge questions.. so keep your senses on..
amd just give it your best... Good Luck

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Hey fellas.. phew, there goes another day of rounds for me.. and fortunately the last for the time being.. also quite a memorable one, thanks to al the SIESites especially our group buddy Nisha :D
The whole sho was quite a wel organised and seemed a breeze..
I reached the college by 8 as the reporting time said, but they began around 8:30.. got some time to get chit chatting with fellow group mates.. soon we were handed out biscuits n water n the presentation began.. considering the length of the entire thing, they culd have very well handed out popcorn
It lasted for quite til 9:30 with al th videos n Q&A; sessions... then we were for a cuppa tea or coffee (though the guys who opted for coffee later realised ki that too was tea!! no coffee baby :biggrin:
Off we were to the PI dept.. enter the room n i find 2 guys Techie (T) guy and HR guy..
Remember to go through your form throughly.. i mean the one you filled during your admissions, cause they had it n were seriously scannin it..
Began with the abt yourself question, followed by a rapid fire of tech quiestions..
T: Whats difference between Comp n Electronics Engg (me a electronics engg)
T: difference in Electrical n Electronics (what the hell am i suppsed to know!!) ME: Blah Blah!! :argue:
T: Whts difference between a walkie-talkie n a cell phone? More Blah!
He asked me abt IEM!! (for al those engg, go through it!)
HR guy: Asked me abt my strengths, the characteristics of a person having those strengths.. Then a lil bit abt my hobbies.. thats is...
Lasted abt 8-10 minutes..
Then came the GD round.... We were handed this case study.. Pathetic would be an understatement :crazyeye: It consisted of a mission statement of IBM and was followed by a letter by the CEO to the employees.. In the end there were 2 questions:
i) What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities n threats stated in the letter above??
ii) Is the letter in line with the mission statement??
I was like "what the....' there was nothing to discuss!! al one could so was the re-state the facts given in the letter!! what else can we do.,. what to debate abt??!!
Scene kuch aisa tha ki there was nobody who was willing to start!!
finally someone took the courage n we began blabbering.. n went on beating around the bush.. to be frank, there was no bush also left to beat around!!
Finally we were donw with and were headed for the apti... damn simple papaer with CET level questions.. 15 minutes, 40 questions n no -ve markings.. more stress on maths with a lil bit of english (antonyms n sysnonyms only) n DI(nly one) thrown in.. a few LR too, but those were better avoided since maths was very simple...
later we went in for the group interview.. this thing took the cake.. we were first asked for introductions individually n later given a topic 'Should India send a man to the moon'..
Each person was asked to state three points in favour or against the topic.. then each was asked by the panel to state their points.. further questions were asked on the points given.. they also threw a few GK questions to the candidates.. simple ohnes like first PM, first Prez, home minister, Martyr's day significance etc etc....
After that a lil pause n off we were....
Done with the day by 12 it was quite a lovely process n well manages.. the panels were also very good... in all a great day..
results awaited in a months time.. til then.. TPPPP!! :grn:
waise good luck to you guys n gals.. hope this experience comes of some use to you..

can someone please be a lil elaborate about the nature of the questions and the topics touchd upon in the interviws related to IB?? n where can i source some info abt IB??

Hey Ashish, in your post you mentioned they asked you questions related to IB .. could you please be a lil more clear about the nature of the questions and the topics touchd upon??