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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
Final Placements at Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay culminated with 119 offers from 62 companies for an effective placement batch of 94 students. Procter & Gamble and Deloitte made 7 offers each,

It has been raining jobs this time around

Lajwanti D'Souza @laj
Five 99-percentilers who are now studying at the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) speak about what they did right when preparing for the CAT. Read through their experiences, you just might find a magic pill or two!

they are more into sensational stuff now and notifications and stuff are mundane ..available at all places so ..

Your query is best answered by this statement which was in the IIML shortlist criteria document last year.

IIML has observed over the years that students who perform well in PGP are typically those who have a consistently good academic record during their secondary school, higher secondary school, and graduate levels, besides exhibiting sufficiently high aptitude as measured by the CAT. Therefore, IIML uses multiple parameters, viz. academic performance in secondary school, higher secondary school, and graduate programmes in addition to the candidate's scores in CAT to judge the suitability of candidates for PGP. Relevant work experience, if any, is also given due weightage in the admissions process. Evaluation by multiple criteria is also consistent with the IIML's experience with the placement of PGP students in industry.
The process accommodates the relationship of academic performance in IIML to past academic performance, CAT scores, performance in written ability test, group discussion and personal interview (GDPI), and prior work experience. The selection criteria and weights given to various parameters are based on past data as well as on inputs from the IIML faculty and other relevant stakeholders.

CAT score is a major criteria but at the same time it cant be the only criteria.

It is not the first time that this is happeneing. Last year I had 99.03%ile in CAT but had a call from IIM A. Going by your logic of only-CAT-scores-last-year I could never have got that call ! Only 600 students were called for GD PI and based on my %ile I would rank somewhere near 2000 !

Moreover there were people who had scored 98%ile and had a call.. IIM A clearly mentioned that they had given weightage to 10th and 12th marks.

Last year was the first time I thought of writing CAT and fortunately got through in my first attempt. So I really dont know the pattern that has been over the years. I know what it was last year and last year no IIM gave out calls on the basis of CAT score only.

Same is the case this year. What has changed is the weightage given to it... I am sure the admissions committee would have a strong reason for it.

My 2 cents ... Dude this time around many ppl who have 99.9+ % ile dont have an IIM K call. this defeats the whole purpose of CAT.. see what i am trying to say is that ..its ok when you say that we have given weightage to various parameters.. but i guess some blanket calls should be there .. some people who have done not so well in their acads will never get a chance to study in IIMS ...
PS:Just one more thing going by the statement of IIM K either the criteria of IIM C or IIM K is flawed coz they both cant be right at the same point of time :):nono:
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r_abhinav Says
Unfair to students who applied earlier?? Dude..what exactly are you trying to say?? Your post seems to convey the message that you are afraid of stiff competition. What's wrong in keeping the application date open?? Even if (by your claims) it has been done to mint money, why crib if institutions "mint" money by fair means??

Like i said in my earlier post by all means keep the deadline after the results ..let the competition be fair n tough .. it has to be .. but then not by being unfaur to a part of Junta ... n "BY FAIR MEANS".. it would have been fair had the last date been what it is now earlier and had not been extended like it has been done now ... but know let me repeat its unethical n unfair ...
Ps : I mentioned in my earlier lost i had a final convert last year (IMT G) and havent applied this year .. so the so called stiff competition is not for me ..I was just voicing my concerns :thumbsup:
Metallosaurus Says
Yes, you guys ar not entirely wrong. Secondly, it wouldn't give me anything by defending "my dear b-school" beacuse your opinion would not make a difference. Its frustration and fear that you might not get a call, nothing else. Keep coming.

Am not saying that you guys are at fault, I understand that it is decided by the authorities and not by the students. But then coming up with the thing that dates are extended to attract good students... then y keep the dealine before .. This is my only point of concern..

"Frustration and fear" .. I had a final convert last year and havent applied to IMT this year :).. so this is not the case with me ...I just raised this concern becuase this has been going on year after year and i felt this is unfair to students :banghead:
So as the the representatives of IMT if their students can take up with the authorities it would be great .. and great B school like IMT G will do away with this minor Blemish :biggrin:
ok guys...understand this. Any b-school would want that the best possible set of students join. This is precisely why many b-schools extend their admission deadlines. As far as the question of closing and then re-opening goes, yes, it would mean a higher no. of applications before CAT. We know its unfair for those who applied before CAT. The admission dept. is in a separate building, not in campus. We will try to communicate this to the authorities anyways.

P.S.-Don't forget that all b-schools want a large pool of candidates to choose from, for the sake of batch quality.

IMT is a prestigious b school but there is no denying the fact that the practice that IMT has been following year after year .. reopening the applications is nothing but a way to mint money.
By keeping the date before the results students apply to IMT becuase they dont waana take a risk of not applying at all coz they are not sure if IMT will repoen the applications. So many ppl in anticipation that they will get a good percentile apply to IMT n guess what happens next IMT reopens the application .. this is unfair to the students who applied to IMT earlier.

and your reason that they want a large student base to choose from is nothin but a way to defend your dear b school ... if that was the case why not keep the last date after the result in first place .. y extend it .. I Fail to understand this:banghead:
Hi Puys,

My cat Score is 96.34 over all with
98.5 in DI
92 in quant:lookround:
77 in verbal:banghead:

I have just appilied today itself as I was happy to hear the news that the dates were extended.
Also one main query.
The address that I entered in the form was my new address which is different from the one that I had mentioned in my CAT form. WIll this be a problem. How can I confirm that My form is accepted. I checked application status with my application No. but it says no records found.
Can some senior suggest how I can check this.
The reason I did not put the same address was because I had shifted out from that Apartment as one of my room mates decided to split, and they asked for mailing address which was mentioned on CAT form but I the adress which I mentioned there is nomore my mailing addtess
My application now shows my Home town address(in Goa) as that postal address is definately correct but my CAT form shows my old Bangalore address.

Any reply would be appreciated.

Should I be expecting a call or is it a 50-50 situation?.
I also have 21 months exp in IBM Mainframes(COBOL).
10th 82:lookround:
12th 76:lookround:
Engg 60.3:banghead:

Last year i had almost similar profile just that i had a better grad percentage (73) i got a call and converted it too.
But then last year calls were given purely on CAT % ile ..not sure wat the criteria would be . If criteria remains the same you should definetely expect a call:thumbsup:

Ps : I am no senior:biggrin:
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99.22 would be considered a high score by any institute. So don't worry :)

Just on a lighter note ... 99.22 used to be considered a high score by every institute .. not this time check out the cut offs for IIM C ..its 99.50 %ile ..its insane ..even a 99 percentiler is not sure of getting an IIM call let alone a convert..

PS: couldnt resist myself from spamming :biggrin:
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Hi Guys,

I have been through this process last year. Regarding the cut offs, last year IMT did cal everyone above 95% ile but gave final converts to students who had OA(96) with all sectionals 70+. another thing that i noticed was IMT gave a lot of weightage to work ex. Mostly ppl with work ex converted in the first few list and freshers had their moment of glory after a few lists were out:thumbsup:... hope this info would help you guys..

All this could change this year. I will suggest all you guys who have more than 95
%ile to apply to IMT G

Ps: I am no senior

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Apoorv Pandit @Apurv
In a press release sent this morning, IIM Ahmedabad informed that the CAT results would be announced at the end of February, instead of in the middle of the month, as was announced earlier. The institute did not provide

and they teach you the importance of sticking to the deadlines !! IIMS have made a mockery of CAT and now they are playing with the career of studens !!