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Hi Guys...
its nice to hear from applicants being shortlisted.i had one such day too and a memorable 1 at that.:D but to tell u the truth the process is going to be very swift and requires ur presence of mind.i can safely say that the process is a very well coordinated one and each candidate has his share of time to impress the judges. so best of luck for the process.
as for the update, we are going to have mid-terms in a couple of days so wont be able to post till friday. if u have any queries keep calling the office numbers given with the form or post a query here.we will try to take all ur doubts to the concerned authority. till than, have a rocking time ahead...


U r right Mandar, we have some high class faculties in GIM. U just have mentioned the new ones, but not to forget these

Ajit Parulekar: Brand Maps, the best marketing faculty to teach a game that is "as close to real world as possible"

P Saravanan: FM2, teaches basics of finance in a way u cant forget. Helped me decide that I must take Finance to attend more of his classes

Nila Nayak: HRM, another kewl faculty of HR, very intense and focused. Clears fundas n dedicated teaching makes the class much more interesting.

These are but a few of the gr8 faculties we have this Sem. Not to forget our favourite Sarita Mam.
This term surely has all the ingredients of rocking time with tough mornings in lectures, Football Fiesta every evenings, and some gr8 party nites ahead. Results of Xat would be coming soon and so it's obvious that we look forward for the next batch anticipating them to be even better than us.:smilecol: Best of luck for the results.

Yes Neha, Life is getting back to usual with both sports n studies grab the limelight n we are already looking forward for the enjoyment in store with our seniors as they have a last term left to enjoy in Goa. That reminds me of initial 2 weeks when they were not back from their vacations n hostel was creepy to say the least. They actually made us a part of the college n made us understand how to go about our MBA in GIM.
One thing that I would really miss will be the time we spend with each others late at night over a coffee at Jaggu's or mess. Some quality conversations along with some light-hearted ones have always given me to interact with them very closely n the distance of a senior n junior has been converted to a bond of friendship. Hope they have a rocking time ahead, but till the time they are in Goa both PGP1s n PGP2s will rock...


Hi Guys,
Its been a worthwhile experience for us to actually see all our seniors getting place so briskly. we hardly had time during the process to actually congratulate any of them, but the grand celebration today made up for that. it is not like we were not part of the process, but we were on toes before even the process could start. it really goes to show how closely knit family we have become in a matter of less then 6 months. from 14th june to 14th December, already we have come together to form a great working unit, helping everyone in need and all personal commitments took a back seat till the time we were in the process. PGP1s are really a batch to look forward to.
But these all just run in the background as the spotlight should be on the PGP2s who not only achieved personal milestones but also were able to mark their presence felt in the corporate arena that will be noticed for sure. Each n everyone is placed with a profile of his liking and it was a pleasure to see them confused with which offer to keep n which to reject. if this is the start, its only a matter of time that all of them reach pinnacle of success that they deserve thoroughly. GIM is the place to be...great work guys...


Hi All,
no one should feel the guilt of being the last anymore coz i know how gud a follower i m of IST...so I m Kunal, a fresher Bca from indore,in final year actually and almost a member of GIM...i say almost coz no info/confirmation of my DD being accepted has been received as yet by me, n i do feel sumthing wrong,if sumone can please confirm my payment from the office i wud be obliged...
Xat id:246243
DD sent on 31st march...
Also any indore ppl can please contact me in the thread, n i hope seniors in goa wud help me with my admission...
cheers for Gim...it rocks