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_(*Photo*: Anurag Prabhakar)_ Based on the Common Admission Test (CAT) results, the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have started declaring their shortlists for the next round of admissions that will comprise
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SR Number: SR7487159 Name of Candidate: RANJITH REDDY CHALLA Congratulations! You have been selected for the PGDHRM Program by the following IIMs. IIM RANCHI You will be intimated shortly through email with your login credentials for further information and instuctions.

aryan1989 Says
wat is the total fees of bm program for both the years?

Its around 12lacs..to get exact figure ask 2011-13 converts
I got a waitinglist of 71 in HRM. I had sent a DD to confirm my waiting list.but my DD hasnt recieved by the institute. eventhough i posted it in time. but the last date to recieve the DD is 5th May.can anyone pls suggest me wat to do????????????????
will my candidature be considered ??????
seniors pls help me...

Call /mail admission office..only they can tell u what to do...dude u are already late by 4 days so even we seniors don't know what will happen..and talk to India post, Jamshedpur office to ensure a delivery as early as possible

ulag Says
My stupid courier service is unable to check if the docs reached XLRI even though i sent them on the 27th of April. And noone was picking XLRI call the whole evening. Never thought itll come to this. Its gonna be a tense night till i can call them tomo morning and check with XL. Hope i dont get rejected cos of courier delay. :(

This is for all those 'Pareshan Atmas' who are in similar situation. Please chill and don't worry about the rejection. The admission office of XL is very co-operative and they will accept ur money even if post is delayed by 1-2 days. Anyways the wait list movement will take at least 2-3 days to come and any DD reaching before that will be accepted.
I suggest u to call them tomorrow and if they are not picking the call then just fax/mail them the copy of DD.

PS: I had similar experience last year.
joan k Says
Of private b-schools, I feel MDI is a tad better than XLRI

Comparing two B Schools is not allowed on PG.

@ten_lrt, Gurpreet & Vinay
PMed plz check..sharing what I got from Palak

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mvpk_reddy Says
Thanks a lot fr ur reply fren. i heard somewhere that 150 were de no. of cals given. are you 100%sure. plz crct me if im wrng.

I am sure that 120 calls were given for our batch(2010-12) and believe that same applies this year too.
If u have got this information from reliable source plz let me know the source, then i will be in better position to comment.
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mvpk_reddy Says
Hi frens want to know hw many final calls r given tis yr in first list for hrm for a total of 120 seats.plz excuse me if dis query is answ. earlier. i am unable to find it.thanks in advance.

XL does not give buffer calls...so its 120 calls for 120 seats.
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mvpk_reddy Says
Hi friends sent dd today thru courier. doubt if it would reach there by 05. wil they acpt if it reaches 1 or 2 days late as da payment is done in time?

Dont worry. Just give a call to admission office and they will tell you what to do. Generally if they are sure of receiving the payment they are not bothered about delay of 1 -2 days.

Hi friends I am a newbie for this thread... I am going to take CS exam in 2012. I always prefer online study so can you guys tell me any forum similar to 'pagalguy' dedicated for CS exam preparation. I may invite few groans but its very genuine question because puys here are more focussed towards MBA and not towards UPSC CS.