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HAppy wala budddddddday : P

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Hello all!

With the start of a new season we shall begin a new thread!

Lets use this thread for discussions on PG meets

Taking this insanity to a higher level : all!

hey...hws ur prep goin on!!!!!!!
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I had made a pretty long post regarding all the accommodation options yesterday afternoon. But it got deleted coz of 'some' PG Server Issues.
Else, I'll have to retype the whole post. :|

A few pointers:

1. Hostel Accommodation
1. For Guys: Hostel is of average quality. 4 students stay in a room with a single cupboard and study table provided for each one. It is a bit old. Washing Machine is available and the hostel mess is quite decent. However, the cost is really high - more than 10K Per Month. It is located at a 10 min walk from college.
2. For Girls:Hostel is newly constructed with top facilities like (Hotel standard) room cleaning and spacious rooms. Rooms are either 2 or 3 seaters. Although a bit expensive, for what I hear, they are completely worth it. Located at about 1.5 KM distance from college.
2. Rented accommodation
1. Paying Guest: It is something which is not very common among students here. In fact, you would rarely find anyone with PG here. The reason is lack of freedom and independence and higher expense.
2. Flat: Now, the rent of the flat depends on following factors
* Location (Distance from college, locality, et. al.)
* Furnishing level - Fully furnished (Almirahs, wardrobes, beds, AC, TV, Fridge, etc.); Semi-Furnished (Bed, Almirah, etc.); Not-furnished at all (Plain walls, no furniture, nothing)

* The typical rents for a 1 BHK range from 15K to 25K depending on the above factors. Normally 3 or 4 people share a 1 BHK.
* The typical rents for a 2 BHK range from 25K to 40K depending on the above factors. Normally 5 or 6 people share a 2 BHK.
* There is also the option of 1 Room Kitchen type of flats. Typically rents are 6-10K. Maybe shared by two people.
* For flats, the brokers charge a commission of 1 month rent. And a deposit of around 1 Lac for a rent of 25K-30K is a norm.
* Areas where students live are: Andheri (w), 4 Bungalows, 7 Bungalows, Juhu Circle, Juhu Gali, Vile Parle (W), Vile Parle (E), Andheri (E). If you stay in East, then the rents are comparably lesser; however commutation is a pain during peak traffic hours.
3. Rented flats at Goregaon are very far: No one really stays there.

I have tried to cover all the points possible. Please PM me in case you have any more doubts.

THIS WAS POSTED BY DEEP AGARWAL.... PLease PM him for queris

Here You go with the prospectus

and the fee details as well ..

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CAn somebody going tomoro confirm this
wud b very hlpful :)

I called NM twice

first time they said nt sure about this and asked to call back aftr an hour

on the second call they said there is no option for part payment and we need to pay th whole amount at once..
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An update from the admissions department:

One can pay 50% of the fees (with an undertaking; nothing complicated, just carry a blank paper) before 26th April provided he/she completes the payment within 12 days.

Waitlisted candidates, a new column on MQ status has been added to the existing spreadsheet, so do update your MQ application status. It'll give us an idea on how the MQ seats are filled, and how/when the conversion to merit occurs:

CAn somebody going tomoro confirm this
wud b very hlpful
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alex_maurya Says
Hey guys, I didn't get any such mail. I am WL 167. Please tell me that when did you guys get this mail.

i also dint get.!!!!
Me WL @46
Can all the puys who have converted their calls confirm that they would be joining it positively or they are still awaiting other results so that people like me who are w8listed can get a better idea..
u are told to submit ur fees by which date??
Is anybody in the w8listed asked to submit a part of the fees to keep them alive in the process of selection??

Also can u please let us know what is the fees to b submitted??
me WLed
Alchemist86 Says
I mailed NMIMS regarding the detailed fee structure .. they have replied me back with the attachment .. i m attaching the same here :

Hey..the file nt opening. says access denied. .
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Regarding the mediclaim thing. .

I have enrolled for one when i started my job.. .
will that work. . .

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