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Can some one please clarify that whether the minority quota is hindi linguistic minority quota or Marwari quota?

If its Hindi linguistic minority than clarify one more doubt:
My parents are from UP and i am born and brought up in Maharashtra and a Maharashtra domiciled candidate. So do i fall under this minority?

It is Hindi minority and yes, you fall under this minority.
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rmnydv Says
Hey puys i hv got thru PGDM(HR) ay IMT Nagpur. i was told that N.L Dalmia is a better college than imt. SO I want to no which college i shud go for. plz plz help me coz it's urgent.....

In Dalmia one can choose his/her specialization after the end of 2nd semester. In IMT specialization is decided even before the course stats (HR in your case). Do you want to specialize in HR? If you do not want to pursue your career in HR then there is no point in doing your MBA in HR. If your interested in HR only then there are other factors that you have to consider before taking a decision.

There are positives & negatives for every B School. Here are some facts of both the B Schools

+tive ) Fees for Dalmia is one third. Location is Mumbai, Batch size is less by 120.

-tive ) Avg placement for Dalmia is less by 0.5 Lakhs & Dalmia is not a residential program.

Pls find out other factors and then make your decision. All the best.
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Thx kul guy -> working without a stipend is not an issue 4 me !! only getting to do a summer internship from a decent co. is what i care about !!

so basically what u r saying is that if i am ready 2 work 4 free then summer placements thro dalmia r possibe easily rite & no setting or contacts or references r reqd rite ??

plz confirm !!

also dalmai provides final placement to 75% of the students with avg sal of about 5L in a recession-free year rite ??

plz confirm this as well

U R A gr8 help dude !!
THX in advance!! bye !! !!

No setting / contacts required for summers.

This year final placement is going on & its more than 75% for sure. Around 30 - 35 ppl yet to be placed out of 240. Official Average sal will be out only after 100% placement is completed. I guess avg would be 5.
Hey puys !! i've heard summer placements 4 dalmia r not that good !! is it true ??

coz d thing is most ppl dont have ne contacts & depend on the college to provide them with decent summer placements !! so wat i want 2 ask is that is getting placed in companies 4 summers on ur own without help frm college easy ?? bcoz if it isint then dalmia spells trouble !! so is dalmia really worth it ??

also plz provide accurate details abt % of ppl who got placed via college 4 summers...........plz help asap !!

thank u in advance !!

Profile - cat - 94
ssc & hsc 80
BE 70 fresher

Hey Sagar.... Summer projects are compulsory and one does not have the option of not doing it. In case you have not got your summer project till the end and do not have any contacts, then you may need to do your summers without any stipend. Even in this case you will do your summers with a company and you will get the same summer project certificate.
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Hey puys !!
My profile - >
CAT - 94.04
10th - 81

12th - 78

BE - 68:banghead:

Fresher 09 !!

What r my chances of conversion ??

Also advise if I should wait 1 more yr coz I am sure that I can repeat my performance in cat next year also but I am not sure if my scores will increase !!

Kindly advise asap !!
my interview is scheduled on 8th by the way.............

Acad. and CAT score is nice. Chances are good.

If you don't get admission in any decent college then i advice wait for 1 year and if possible work for 1 year. Work ex will help you for the next year.

BTW i guess you have converted NMIMS. Would you choose Dalmia over NMIMS?
Can anybody share the link 4 last year's GD PI experience??
It'll really b helpful for a lot no. of guys...

here's the link

came up with a doubt after going thru dalmia threads. only top 100 students get finance stream. it means candidate doesnt have right to choose their own stream? students come to dalmia for finance only and if they are not offered then their lives are ruined. this is not fair.if i am not offered finance won't i go for lower clgs coz atleast i will be pursuing wat i want to.
plz clear why such rule is there?
wont this thing be discouraging for aspirants?

I don't know from where u got the figure of 100. Its actually 150. Out of 240 students last year, finance was given to 150 students.

It is just a practice that first students are told that there are limited seats in finance, but in the end all ppl who opt for it get it. Its kind of a tradition The benefit is that students study hard in this competition.
i hv 89.3% in mhcet
what r my chances for getting selected in the pgdm course.
plzz reply asap as the last date is nearby

Acads are good and it should help you to get a high score in PI. If GD + PI is good then i feel CET score will not matter.

All the best
k.krish Says
is placement bit of concern at dlmia. coz my friends said its difficult for dalmia to place a huge batch of finance. can u mention name of few companies visiting for finance. agreed that i am asking silly questions but i want to know as my case is li'l complicated. coz i may get pumba and sies also. so tht ways i'm planning to join dalmia wich comes 3rd cut off wise

100% placement till last year. This year its still going on with around 10-20% remaining.

No problem as such. It only takes time. I guess its the same scene at other colleges also that u mentioned.

1 thing for sure. Finance ppl get a finance job & NOT sales / insurance. No doubt about it.
But dude u didnt mentioned in which company she is placed..????
Also whats the highest package offered for FINANCE uptill now this year....??

Placed with Red FM. Highest for finance is 10 lakhs