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@[549057:Nikhlpn] thnk buddy

so is there any reference source for GK prep?

and also if can answer other questions of my last post...pls do

hello puys..i am an MBA Finance Grad.

currently working as equity research analyst, plz guide me how to go about RBI grade b, as i wanted to be a part of india's central financial institution.

does the exam take place every year?

how to start ?

rs agarwal quant is enough for quant preparation?

tell me some good books for exam...

and finally i'd like to ask ...is there any senior who has beeen already a part of rbi...pls share ur work exp , howz is the work , what grade b guys supposed to do, remuneration, career growth prospects etc.. thanks in advance

Hey puys, I cleared lev 1 last december so thought il drop in some gyan and maybe soothe some nerves :).

1. After taking the exam, I didn't think I would make it. I thought I was borderline. turns out I truly was borderline :).

2. My results:
70+ :Ethics, Derivatives, FRA, Quant
50-70: Eco, Fixed Inc, Equities, Corp Fin, Portfolio

3. My strongest subjects were Eco, Corp Fin, Equities and Fixed Inc. I guess they must have been in the high 60s.

4. I woke up on the friday before the exam and stayed up through fri and sat night all the way till sunday evening after the exam. I had thoughts about how it hampered my exam performance too but personally I think it works for some and doesnt for others so dont worry about that.

5. Like some puys here, I am an engg too and thought I had f***ked FRA after the paper. results showed otherwise so keep the hope up people!

relax and enjoy now. remember even if you dont clear, the knowledge that you have gained is not going to hurt you!

forget about the exam for a month or two now. what has happened has happened. All the very best for results.

hey buddy can u plz tell us regdng cut offs for different sections or it will b taken as a whole??

hey puys,
i am done with my Mba in finance(grad in pharma), currently doing job as financial analyst.
i am thinking of pursuing cfa, will write level 1 next year june(i dont have passport right now and its not possible to get a passport in bangalore as i dont have the stuff required for passport), i got notes frm mumbai and currently read few topics.
as discussion was goin on abt being a charter,will ROI be enuf aftr having cfa?

is it worth to spend so much money and time for CFA in terms of the package i'll recieve aftr being a charter, MBA & work ex in same field of valuations and pms?
plz do a rply

varunfc Says
generally how many people opt for operations....i've head that you are required to have atleast a certain number of people opting for it..or else you'll be not allowed to take that as a major specialization?

xactly i cant say becas we r yet on internship, we have filled our specialisation electives, they dint pressurize yet to change electives....we r free to choose what we want !!
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varunfc Says
i've heard that bangalore does not offer operations as a major specialization can any1 please confirm that????

its not true....IT & operations major is possible here

m frm ibsbang,,no rumours r der ,its(pgpm) not approved by ny govt body(aicte/ugc),but they will give u an option fr having mba in flexi mode which wont b shown on the mba certificate other wise without this mba u will get a pgpm..and u kno its full form.in ibsb placmnt still going on and 210/250 got placed with gud cos.and gud pakgs.(5 +lac avg)

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@div in given optns icfai
but if u'll get mumbai & i think u shud go der only

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bye d way we blore aspirants r njoying over orkut .milind where r u???

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all three campuses mumbai, b'lore,gurgaon r equly better ,no need of comparison........each one is better in dere own way......i got the gurgaon bt taken admission in banglore .......all depends upon ur coice