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Helo guys....
I am planning for GMAT....
my post is same as Nitin's :P
Could anyone help me regarding how to start preparation and the sources to study.......
please help me......
mail is : ellasravani@gmail.com

Hii Sravani

I Have started my preparation recently two weeks back. Im goin with strategy guides from manhattan for quantitative and Verbal, Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning Bibles from PowerScore. You can add me on ur mail im test mailing you, so that we can plan further discussions reagrding this

Let me know your mail ID. May be we can share some plans together.

Pl. Let me know ur ID may b v can plan some discussions ol

Pl give me ur ID may be vl plan out some discussion on mail.

I Have started my preparation. Please add me into the group

As per the stimulus given, researcher discovered that the people with low immune levels also tend to score less on mental health. when the answer choices are examined:
(A) High immunesystem activity protects against mental illness better than normal immune, system activity does: The author doesn't mean that a high immune system protects against mental illness better. the author should not at all assume before making the above argument.
(B) Mental illness is similar to physical disease in its effects on body systems: The conclusion of the argument doesn't talk about similarity between the mental illness and physical immunity. So this assumption is also ruled out.
(C) People with high immune-system activity cannot develop mental illness: It is an absurd that if author thinks about this assumption, because there is no evidence in the stimulus that the statement is presumed
(D) Mental illness does not cause people's immune-system activity to decrease: This must be the assumption from the author's point of view because as per the argument, most of the people with low immunity levels will tend to score on their mental health too.
(E) Psychological treatment of mental illness is not as effective as is medical treatment: The argument doesn't at all talk about the psychological treatment or medical treatment

dear preethi
any full time experience would be considered by the B school. moreover u have a bachelors in computr scinc enginerin, that is a big asset to u if u wanna pursue MBA in systems. operations manaement won't work for u, bcause it has much of industrial stuff like production management, maintenance management, man pwer organization, i feel it wouldn't help u out. better u proceed with ur application for MBA in systems.

I have done BE computers 2011 passout.
Currently i am into support. I want to do MBA in systems. But will my experience in support be considered?
Or will i have to go for MBA in operations?

Hi Preethi
MBA in operations wouldn't help u much. u should think about eithr finance or systems or marketing...
Satya Krishna

Hello Puys,
Im K S Krishna, completed my graduation in engineering from Guru Nanak Engineering College. Im currntly working with Cargill India Pvt. Ltd. as an Executive, Production. Im aiming at ISB 2014 Class. presently preparing for GMAT. that's all folks.......
Satya Krishna