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This was one of the many posts that I had read before deciding to join IMI last year. With my background in print and new media, I felt confident that I could contribute to the Media Cell and Interface - The IMI Magazine.

Today, having selected six first year students to form a new and (hopefully) improved Media Cell :clap: with five second year guys (including yours truly), I'm thinking of the responsibilities on the shoulders of the Media Cell XI. Dhairya's post above makes me realize that a lot needs to be done. Can we do it? Yes. Will we do it? We'll find out soon enough.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

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Life at IMI:
1) Busloads of engineers
2) Asking stupid questions in an attempt to get marks for class participation
3) Sleeping in class with your eyes open
4) Actually preparing for classes beforehand
5) Cursing your parents for naming you Abhishek, Amit, Arjun, et cetera

Any additions, guys?