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kodut Says
i am student of time ......... should i also join CL test series.... and when is the last date to apply.

Not sure if that is the right move. i had done the same but didnt turn out help full. Am a student of IMS and so far there were no problems. The faculty is good and the study material is also apparently help full.
All the best.
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Hi everybody,
Im working and want to give the CAT a serious shot this year.Plan to start studying from NOW.I just have TIME material as of now.Would be really grateful if some one could give me tips as to how to prepare- a basic outline like how many months to devote to each section,tests etc? Im from a non engineering background so quant is definitely my weakest point! Hoping to get a few suggestions and all the best to everyone out there!

You did a good thing by getting some study material to start with. I too am working and that was the first thing that was required to be done. So i gathered the study material from IMS. The ares you feel you are the weakest at, dedicate at least 2-3 hours in a Day to prepare for it. I decide on what i want to study for a day and then work on it with the help of the IMS book. Apparently the faculty is good so even if i have a doubt i get it clarified through them. Thats the advantage.
Anyways all the Best.
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Need Guidance!!!

Hi Puys,
I am working in IT MNC from past 2 years.Wrote CAT once, last year:68 percentile.

My Background:

Many awards in sport's during school time.Only few during college days.
As per my profile do I have any chance's of getting into a Good B-school.
Trying this time...Self Preparation.

Thanks in Advance.

Self preparation might just be a little difficult since you are working. Get the right study material is what i suggest.. i have too done the same.
I have begun my preparations with the IMS study material. It apparently is very useful. Easy to understand. Prepare for 100 questions per day and also have a time management. Go through the study material and for any queries their website is of great help..
All the best with your preparations.
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Learn and revise basics and follow it with sectional tests.....Make it a regular habbit to revise what you have learned previously...

And yes it can be cracked without coaching inst. too

your suggestion is good. i have recently joined IMS and its been good so far. i have been solving a good amount of questions religiously everyday still i would like to know more of inputs on how to go aout my preparations.
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Hi it's not too late. Still you have ample of time to prepare for the Exam.
If you will devote time and prepare sincerely you can make it to top 20 institutes.

So start as early you can.

Best of Luck.

Its not too late to start preparing. I too have just started preparing . Have enrolled at IMS and have been solving 100 questions per day. its really helps this way but just need to solve it religiously. its tough initially but then with the study material provided by IMS it has made it easier for me.
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Time gotta good review! but i dont know about ggn but CP and rajouri garden are very good![/QUO
And what do you have to say about IMS? I have been hearing a lot about this comparison with IMS and Time. I have quite a few of my friends who have enrolled at IMS and the rest at Time. But many have been talking about IMS and their faculty. The study material is also comparatively good. still am taking others onion. Please suggest
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kkaammeesshh Says
puys pls tell byju vs Cl.. which one is better in delhi.?

Heard a lot about Byju . but then i still wanna know about Time and ims. I have actually enrolled my self at IMS since i heard a lot of good stuff about this coaching institute. Please help.
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I am new to this forum. Please provide me with some good advice from where to practise some of the tough PS and DS problems.


Was wondering if you have been able to source out for more study material on PS and DS problems. i have enrolled myself at IMS but then had already begun my preparations some time back. Need to work on this area.
Abhilash09 Says
Hi amit i would suggest u join any coaching institute be it CL,TIME or IMS and start ur prep accordingly...that will help u wid a structred framework for preparation. :)

I have just joined IMS but am still not able to get into a proper framework for preparation. since you mentioned it i was wonder if u could tell me how you managing. i have been attending classes and solving problems which are helpful enough but just wanted to know abt your strategy.
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yahudi Says
joining ims is the worst thing a student can do .by the way ims quant books r not even properly solved.The so called concept builders in an ims quant book just have answer keys, they r not even solved, for an avg student this could b a big hurdle think

hey.. I have joined ims and i find their teachings much more easier to understand. I am just putting forth my point of views when someone asks about coaching institutes. IMS has good study material and at the end of it, ot all depends on your hard work. Rest its what you have to think about IMS
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