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Hi everyone...

Finally back on pagalguy after a long break...cant thank all the seniors enough, for the guidance they provided at those tensed times...the time when we all had no clue as to what we were were plunging into...

But seriously each and every word of what the seniors told about GIM is is an amazing its not just about theory but practical application of it...its not just about studies but also having fun while doing it...its a place of perfect balance...even our batch is perfectly balanced...for me being a fresher its a huge learning experince interacting with ppl with work ex and at the same time there are enough freshers out here that i dont feel lost!!

Just wanna end my first post as a GIM student by thanking all you seniors...i know its a repetition...but without u guys i would have not taken such a wise decision to come a big thanks again!!


I did not collect the courier myself...and nothing is written on the cant help!

I got the hard copy too...if havent got it yet no big deal u guys will sure get it soon...its got the same letter which we got via email, details of the fee structure and a medical certificate which we need to get filled by doctor.

One thing which i wanted to ask the seniors is thatwhere are the company's located which come for placements to GIM??...what I mean is do the students get a job in the location of their choice..I specifically want to ask about Delhi...Are there enough placements offered for Delhi?


My Profile

XAT: 98.2 percentile
Xth: 87.2%
XII: 92.4%
BA ECONOMICS (H): 66.2% (SRCC, Delhi University)
Fresher (Still to appear for my IIIrd yr exams)

CONGRATULATIONS to all those who got through!!
And a BIG THANKS to all the have been a great help!

Goin through the forum and reading that results gonna be out by 22-23 heart is really beating faster than it ever has!!
Just so that i can have a sound sleep for the next few days pls cud anyone tell me wat has the trend been of the propotion of freshers to ppl wid work ex??...This question might sound repetative but wanted to know has GIM too like so many other colleges started emphasisng more on work ex now than ever before...Being a fresher i hope u wud understand my anxiety...10% is after all a lot!!

Hi everyone

Had my gdpi today...Delhi ISI 8:45

My Profile:
XAT:98.2 percentile (Quant 41, VA 99.7, DI 98.x)
Xth: 87.2%
XIIth: 92.4%
BA Economics (H): 66.2%

Was in the same group where v had a case study about Mercy Hospital...N thank god ours wasnt a fish market...a very healthy discussion where everyone was given an equal chance to speak.

About the interview now...I was the first person to be interviewed today...

The first thing they talked to me about was my age...the panel seemed a bit bothered that i m only 20 yrs old right now...Then they asked for my file n then as m still to appear for my third year exams they asked me when are my exams gonna get over n when is the result m in Delhi University told them that the results out generally by july august...but then again they wondered bout how will i submit my degree...told them about provisional and stuff!!

Ok then came the general questions
Family backgrond
Why MBA?
Where do you see youself 5 yrs down the line?
Then asked about my fav subject...answered game theory n then had a few ques on that.
Also asked about another graduation subject econometrics. (was able to answer correctly)
Next question was about my view of the budget
The Sub Prime Crises and why is it such a big deal?
Asked me wheather i have been able to take tough decisions n give an example.
Also asked me about a project of which i had mentioned in my CV.

Was able to answer all the above to my satisfaction.
And ya they asked me for the reason of low quant score (overall 98.2 n quant 41)

So overall a chilled out experience. What do u think seniors??? being 20 yrs n a low quant score gonna ruin my chances???


Hello Sir

My academic profile is as follows:

Class X: 87.2%
Class XII: 92.4%
BA Economics (H): 66%


Sir would you call this is an academically a good profile??...I am unable to rate my graduation result...on one hand because its economics ppl generally tend to score less but then on the other hand ppl have also been able to score in 70's.

One more query is that as i have been very active in my school in extra curricular activies i tend to start my intro in a PI by focussing on my school...does this give a bad impression??

Looking for a early GDPI is just after 3-4 days!...Thanks in advance.

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Have been logging in after a long time now...seems have been missing quite a lot of action.

A big thanks to all the seniors!!! U guys really help us in keeping a positive frame of mind!

@Aspire read ur gdpi experience post!! Cant tell u how happy i m knowing that CAT score didnt really matter in the end.

I can see quite a lot of ppl in the 3rd march 8:45 am slot! Hope to get in touch with u all soon!

XAT score 98.2 percentile

Venue: Delhi ISI, March 3, 8:45 am

Xth: 87%
XIIth: 92%
BA (H) Economics: 66% (Ist and IInd year)

anyone in the same slot as me?

Hi...i m in too ppl!!!
Venue:3 mar 8:45 am Delhi ISI