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Hi all,

I would like to join this group not because I haven't gven my GMAT exam yet but because i want to retake the exam.

I got a score of 700 in my first attempt and want to take another shot at GMAT to better my score and better my chances in to top MBA schools

As per my experience I can give few suggestions for the preparation:


For sentence correction: Manhattan SC is the best in terms of learning and practive OG

For Critical reasoning AND RC: Practice as much as u can from different revisions of OG and also do more general reading and try to analyse the passages (like editorials, magazine articles)

Quant: I think most of the guys here donot have much of a problem with quant. But still the tricky part of quant is data sufficiency. This also comes through practice from OG and other resources u find online. For problem solving get ur basics right and it should be a cakewalk

(i) 800Score
(ii) GMAT prep - nearest to the offical GMAT exam pattern
(iii) Kaplan - bit tough and dont get disappointed if u get low scores

I hope this is informative atleast for those who are about to start their preparation.

Reply to this if u need more info


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Hi Senapati,

Ur success is an qwe inspiring one and congrats to you.

I've few queries regarding my eligibility for a top-notch (top 10) B-School.

My credentials:

B.Tech from NIT, deemed university(Formerly REC Warangal) and an average CGPA (65 %). Recently took my GMAT and got a score of 700 (verbal-34, quant-50). I'm currently working as a senior software developer from a small MNC in hyderabad (based in NJ) and have been working here for the past 2 yrs.

To be frank, I'm not very much satisfied with my GMAT score and want to retake it

Before that I just wanted to get feed back from people who have a first hand experience with the entire application process for a top univ. So I think you can give me some suggestions as to how to proceed from here if I want to make in to top 10 Univs

Waiting for u'r reply and thanks in advance


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I'm srikrishna and have become a member of this group recently. Currently I'm working as a S/W engg with a work experience of around 4 years. Recently I took GMAT and got a score of 700 (verbal - 34, quant - 50). I've an average academics of 3.4 CGPA and did my B.Tech from REC Warangal.

My goal is to make in to one of the top 15 MBA schools world wide (to be precise top 10). But I'm little pessimistic about my chances, so I'm thinking of retaking the GMAT and aim a score of something above 750. But before proceeding further I just wanted to get the valuable suggestions from this group who have already gone through the entire process of MBA application and have a fair idea of what is needed to make in to top MBA schools

Thanks in advance


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