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Hey Guys,

I am an admit for Queens 2015 batch too. I appreciate vaibhav's effort create this page on pagalguy to catch up on all the fellow students before we actually meet this coming January. However, with the boom of social media , I thought it would be great to connect on Facebook. I am not sure if there exists a page similar to this, but I took the opportunity to create a page on FB where we can discuss everything about Queens and related stuff.

You can search the page on FB by the name of 'Queens MBA batch 2015 '.. Its a closed group ( for obvious reasons) and you would have to send a a request to join the group.

So, lets meet up and continue this discussion on FB...and btw, congratulations on the admit !!!

@HelloGoodBye - thnx for the warm welcome bro :)

I have a suggestion about the worksheet that we are about adding a column to display the specialization that everyone is aiming for ? That would give an advantage to people to connect on similar grounds, other than finances and accomodation ;)

Hey Guys,

This is the probably my first post on pagalguy..and m pleased to share that even I have received my Queens Admit...and yes, I would be uploading my info on the worksheet shared..
BTW, wats up guys !!!

hi guys,
i am aiming for SNAP 2011 and other b-schools. Can somebody please tell me which coaching institute in pune i should join so that it can be most productive for me. i need only weekend classes as i m working right now.
P.S.- i had a look at other threads which started with good coaching classes and eventually it turned out to be a thread for exchanging materials. or else these threads were pretty old.

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Can somebody pls pls tell me top 20-25 colleges under MAHCET in pune.. nt mumbai....
thanks in advance...

hey dude, pls help me...
Ian through wit MITSOB n MITCON interviews. which shud i pay n block my seat??? Is Indira better dan dese two??
Reply asap
Thanks a lot!!!

Is MITSOB better or Indira School of business??:banghead::banghead::banghead:

My cet score is 95 76%tile.. wat chances?? dnt want 2 take a gap?? Gdpi wud surely fetch above 35...

mine is 95.. wat chances??

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How cn you directly apply to pumba??