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@ Divjot Singh

how do u fore-see the quality of placement profile(s) {apart from the salary} @ SPJCM be it BMM,WM,SMM,IT,PMM etc

i have heard that certain profile are reserved for the IIM and other top B schools . How do you compare the a SPJCM candidature with other Bschool grad amoungst the corporate reruiters..........?


@ Himanshu et al some more info....

one of our senior has quoted this:
Placements are excellent at SP Jain - Singapore & Dubai , companies offer profiles and packages at par with the top 10 indian Bschools (IIM, IIFT, SPJIMR, XLRI & MDI).

The Average Salary were as follows:
FOR 2006-07 Batches

INDIAN - 11 Lacs Per Annum
UAE - 17.5 Lacs Per Annum

FOR 2007-08 Batches

INDIAN - 12.2 Lacs Per Annum (approx: 85% of the students opted India this time)
UAE - 20.8 Lacs Per Annum

( Placement Still going on , 95% batch placed , 11 students are still looking for a suitable profile)-"little bit old now it is 100%"

Some of the regular recruiters at SPJCM are Citibank, Cognizant, ASK Raymond James, Frost & Sullivan , TCS, Boston Analytics,Arthur D Little, Cedar Consulting, KPMG, Corporate Executive Board etc.

The only difference between the top 10 Indian Bschool Placements and SPJCM placements is the duration. SP Jain Dubai/Singapore has a relatively longer placement process (lasting about 4 - 5 weeks) as its lovated outside INDIA and companies normally visit campus on different dates.

Honestly, Placement is the last thing you should be worried About !

looks decent .....

u r comments!!

hai, this is badmanaban. I have an offer from SP jain Dubai Sing program in GLSCM. I will join Singapore campus first.

Is there anyone from chennai/Bangalore who will be joining the Singapore campus first. Pls reply.

count me from chennai-SMM:hurray:

got a regret for scholarship ;(
qualified 3/5 still not thru' think they expect a lot from the students.

any ways congrats 4 those who got it ....!!! ;)


i think i shud clarify one thing here...i m nt at all doubting the impact of mba on one's career...its immense in terms of quality of job profile,growth rate and the kinda projects u handle after tat...
i m only trying to analyze the whole thing from financial perspective...i believe tat financial reason is just one of the reasons for doing mba...there are several reasons other than mere my current and earlier 2-3 threads were trying to look at the mba course from SPJ from financial viewpoint if anyone has any inputs regarding packages and ROI etc then pls pour them here...


hi ,

1. the calculation shows an average return as the input cost of the program is high. but we must not forget the fact that ,we have a head start of 365 days compared to the student joining the B school this yr. that make a lot of difference . ex when u r sitting for promotion after 5-6 yrs ... it counts on u r exp ..... so we must give some credit to that also.
2. students (most of them )prefer roles in comparision to the sal being offered and the 80% of the placements were in India , thats y u had this drop in sal fig- this is purely a preference
3. it is up to u to take up the job in India /else where....
4.1 more reson cud be is that , the MNC have the financial cycle form Jan -Dec in abroad , they might have finished their quota by then when we are graduated(could b a reason) on the contrary, Indian companies have their fin yr from April -march .
5. never the less the fig calculated is a worst case senario... so the fig reads as >=30K /month full disposable income .
6. we must consider the benefits of MBA in comparison to a airline industry , were they mint money after they take out the fixed cost (= the fees @ SPJCM).. so we have to wait ..but the profile what u will be much better than what u are in right now..........
7. If u have noticed @ SMM the avg had been >14L (please correct if misquoted) last time , so , it is the student's attitude which makes it up.....................for sal...........

comments are welcomed........

1 of u r s

Hoping for a good future @ SPJCM

i spoke to 1 of the students @ SPJCM . he too confirmed me that people wanted to get placed in India and many indian companies came this time . however it is in his/her intrest to get placed in India or else where.
the person i am talking is placed in india in a reputed company decent salary -12L+
i was also told there is some thing like wish list companies............
u give them the wish list ,they shall try n bring them to the placement forum .. u must qualify their req..

In dubai it is nominal to get placed > 12L to start with
in sing SGD 4000/ month to start with (prob quoting low )
In india u all know ..........

bt keeping the ROI on the list any thing above

Dubai : > 12L
Sing : >12-13 L
India : 15 L (33% slab tax)

should be okie .

but never than less the profile u choose is more important than the palcement fig.
hope that may b 1 of the reason for the lesser avg this time.
any way SPJCM has a gud Brand equity in Dubai n Singapore to get 100% palcement
i hope we must not worry too much on this topic .....( guess so )


The fundamental fallacy lies in your hypothesis to decipher the un-decipherable

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offered students are not to use Pagalguy as the official forum to address their queries - pls email with the same


my apolgies
Hi puys...........I had my SMM interview today. In the final interview, da dean asked me to change my specialisation from SMM to PMM as he felt my profile was better suited for PMM. He also asked me to send an email if it was ok with me..........The course structure for PMM & SMM is also almost same except for a few subjects

Any suggestions.......I have almost 4 yrs of work ex in product mgmt.

hi ,
mba is all about preception . it is u who matter the most and ur application of thoughts .these subjects are tools to IMPROVE u better .
I have work ex in both product management and service management -(4 years as well :redface:), i had my interview on 9th of march and got the offer for SMM.
given the difference of 3 subject and u r profile in Products , guess post mba offers wud make sense if u take PMM(my view only). but if u feel u want to take a different venture in u r career u may take SMM. both have their own advantages.............................


Hello Mam,

1. Test reports :It is mentioned in the welcome kit that we need to submit the original test report for HIV by 15th april . is there any other test report we must submit other than the above mentioned test report..?
2.Scholarship:I have applied for scholarship/loan for the (May intake ). The welcom kit says that the status for scholarship /loan will be updated by 19th of april , but we have to pay the remaining fee by 15th of april . In the event of getting the scholarship/loan ,will we be give credit ..?- can you throw more light on this issue?



hi ,

any body know info abt scholarship...

i have 2 query

last date of payment of fees :15th april
last date of intimation of scholarship :19th april

how does this work..?
will they give credit to our bank (ex eft, dd etc...?)

how many scholarship SPJCM can disburse....?

senoirs help plz...
SMM may 08:confused: