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wow too good score and an awesome debrief..
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anyone in hyd able to lay hands on OG-11 . even a xerox wud do..

pls pls pls email me at

i saw that this thread started out in 19th june.. and today being 12th july.. we are just dangling with one DS problem.. agreed that DS is tuffest.. dont ya guys think .. we need to run a lil bit faster. for GMAT is mostly for those who have experience and who are working.. and the exam's study span itself is around 2-4 months.. so hanging on to one question for 3 weeks seems bizarre to me.

correct me if I am wrong.

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Hi Junta.

Me a pretty newbie in here. Me from Hyd and intend to write GMAT in sept and do really believe that the information here is pretty much widely scattered. and was thinkin of my own website where i could put all the information at one place. But this thread seems to be doing the same.

My kudos to you guys. Well cant shout as of now to count me in, but then would love to be a part of this gathering, if this is being held in hyd.

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Hiii... This is krish from hyd.. working. wrote CAT 2 yrs ago.. not my cuppa tea.. writing GMAT soon...