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Kostien - There is only one country whose flag bears a product. The product named after the year it was made. The country's name has 10 letters.
Name the country

Mozambique has the AK-47 on it.

I suppose you could term it as a "product"
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Good show by Andy, he would have beaten any other player with the kind of display that he put up...Full marks really for the effort factor...

Fed, though still not quite 10/10, seems pretty close to it...Good enough surely to pocket yet another slam...Though I must say this, even if he wins on Sunday nite, he could still end the year conceding the no. 1 ranking to Nadal...Yes, this may surprise many, but thats the way things stand at the moment...

Davydenko should be routine business for him now and I'm praying for a Fed-Djokovic final...What better opportunity to settle scores and prove to the young man that he'd have to wait for a few more years to dethrone the Champion off his pedestal...:wink:

My bet...6 more sets is all that the Swiss will need to claim Slam no. 12 :thumbsup:

Fed came through, true .... but he's far from his best. His biggest weapon - his forehand is the worst that I've seen in a long time .... his backhand though (specially the slice) was really working against A-Rod. Would like to see him move up a gear and clean up what hould be GS 12.

Yup, I'm hoping for a Djoker-Fed final too .... Expect it to go to 4 sets though
It may have come against qualifiers...But if Fed's 1st two matches were any indication, then this could be a repeat his 2007 Australian Open campaign :thumbsup: Back to his best; Ferocious forehands, an effective backhand, was going for the lines, solid serving, and a bit of serve & volley as well...That total package was on display and Thank God for that...!!

Ominous signs I must say for the Nadals, the Djokovics and yeah, that *spent force* :wink: by the name of A.Rod

P.S. This might look as an aberration to whatever I wrote above, but mez looking fwd to his next encounter...Against a 6'9"er...Whats more, he's a local... :|

Shuould be a fun match - Isner v Fedex. Only a couple of those gigantic servers around - and college boy Isner has been a revelation this North American summer. Feds will get through of course, the match though, will still be interesting to watch.
US Open starting tomorrow . Lets kickstart things with some predictions:
Quarter 1: An easy section for Roger? Federer's potential QF against Roddick is the big match of this section, but based on history is a cinch for Feds. A few names and prospects - Gasquet, Ferrero, Berdych - but none to stop the Fed Xpress. Big servers John Isner, Karlovic in this section of the draw - interesting to follow their progress.
Prediction: Federer
Quarter 2: A quarter full of dangerous floaters, who on a good day and in a different section of the draw could have upset the 3 front runners. Blake, Baghdatis, Davydenko, Murray & Haas will fight over one semifinal spot and the right to upset the applecart. But the eventual champ isnt coming from here.
Prediction: Blake
Quarter 3: The Djokers quarter. Potential tough 4th round against a rejuvenated Hewitt and a qtrfinal against Youzhny/Robredo. Either way the winner of the Hewitt-Novak clash should clinch the semifinal spot
Prediction: Djokovic
Quarter 4: A rocky road for Rafa? Unpredictable Tursunov in Rd.3, Nalbandian in Rd.4, A qtrfinal against streaky Gonzalez, Ljubicic or the mercurial Czar Marat the Mad Ljubi must be looking for a breakthrough Slam performance here, Gonzalez looking for a repeat of the Oz open & Safin blowing hot and cold could just put together a run here Very tricky for Nadal If he makes it through this mess he gets the Djoker in the semis
Prediction: Nadal
Federer vs Blake
Djokovic vs Nadal
Final: Federer vs Djokovic
Winner: Federer
What a shame that both, Nadal and Djokovic have lost at Cincy...Should be a cakewalk for Fed now coz Roddick much like Hewitt seems to shudder at the mere sight of the SwissMaster on the opp end...

Nadal continues to be a suspect on Hardcourts and thats a real surprise for a person who's improved so much on Grass...A half-Borg...??

Federer did capture No.50 as expected .... congrats to him. Bigger fish to fry now
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So Fed's campaign at Cincy gets underway tonite...An easy one, as you'd expect in the 1st Rd. v a qualifier...
My personal opinion is that...
A) Yes, he's past his best now...And I can say that coz I've been seeing this kind of display for over a year now...At his best, he used to be in 5th gear right from the word 'GO'...The way he started his Wimby finals '05 was the perfect example...But its been 12 months now and apart from the Aus Open wehere his campaign was admittedly flawless, he's struggled to hold his own (Ofcourse, the word 'struggle' used relatively here)

No. 12 should be in the bag by the evening of Sept 9th but the way the man is heading (Thats the key), he may not win many more than 14 as I'd earlier anticipated...

Its quite improbable for a player to actually keep up a 80 win 5 loss per year average for such an extended period of time. The fact that feds had actly done so for 3 years (247-15 or something close) itself indicated he was overdue for a bad (as in not so succesful) season.
I agree with your statement that more and more, Federer seems to only play at the slams and even at the slams seems to raise his game at the business end and at other appropriate moments. Another significant factor is just how much his game now revolves around his serve wimbledon finals, a case in point.
I again dont doubt that he will find a way to win his 4th consecutive US open. But it seems now that he feels the only thing that stands between him and the GOAT tag is the dirt of Roland Garros. Maybe that pressure and lack of interest in the minor tourneys and relatively at the other slams is what is holding him back.
ok....between the mindboggling pictures of shyamnaren
some easy questions....

1. Name the cartoon character whose middle name is Fauntleroy?

2. Name the Christian Dior's first male model?
(hint : soccer player)

1. Donald Duck
2. Cristiano Ronaldo?
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Hi Guys,

Remember me???

Shouted myself hoarse that federer is not invincible and will flounder on hard courts...and no one but probably Subodh believed me...

Djoko has done it.

I agree with all Fed fans. This is not the beginning of the end of Fed's dominance, but one cannot help but factor in this defeat while calculating Fed's chances at the Flushing Meadows. One thing is sure. He will have a very tough time holding fort at the American grand slam. If Djoko can pull it off...i think A Rod is a much better candidate...

My money is still on A Rod's US Open..whatsay...

Its still unlikely that A-rod is the No.1 contender going into the US Open. The favorite is still Federer, with Novak & Rafa as the next best options. A-Rod still, I feel, doesnt have the game to beat any of the afore mentioned. Its also time that Rafa wins a Slam other than the French open, though the Aus open should still be more to his liking.

For now in anycase, whatever the results of the next warmup at cincy, Federer is still my first choice and favorite to win the US Open.
krishmoon Says
The Djoker did well yesterday. Came up trumps in what is supposed to be Rafa's department - mental strength. Saved 3 break points at 5-5 and then broke at 6-5 to take the first set. Djokovic is doing well and his ability of both wings makes him a tough opponent for Nadal - atleast on the faster courts. Don't expect him to stop Federer from No. 50 though.

No kidding, The DJoker is for real
Seriously speaking, this is huge for Novak. Beating Nadal & Federer indicates he's capable of taking that next big step into their league. Cements his no.3 status, cements his status as no.1 challenger to the Big 2 and solidifies his contention for the US Open. Congrats to him.
Still waiting for Fedex to make it 50.
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Expectedly, Fed eases into the Finals...Few problems in going past old rival Hewitt and then Stephanek...

And Djokovic just keeps impressing...Justifies his higher ranking over A.Rod...And today's match versus Nadal should be really interesting...He's got a chance to compensate for his loss at Wimby, a match that he had in control before his body gave way...Wont be surprised at all if he puts one across Nadal...Its high time anyway that we had another serious challenger to the Champion...Enough of 3/4ths :wink:

The Djoker did well yesterday. Came up trumps in what is supposed to be Rafa's department - mental strength. Saved 3 break points at 5-5 and then broke at 6-5 to take the first set. Djokovic is doing well and his ability of both wings makes him a tough opponent for Nadal - atleast on the faster courts. Don't expect him to stop Federer from No. 50 though.