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After watching the FIFA finals late into the night, I walked with a heavy head for the AIMCAT. And it cost me dearly....
OA 66
21C and 18 W.
God knows what happened to my accuracy.
AIMCAT1121 98.31%ile
AIMCAT 1119 98.19%ile
AIMCAT 1118 :-(

Bro samething happennd to me ....i scored 98.5 and 98.63 in the 2 mocks u mentioned and all of a sudden...whaaammm !! i am dumbstruck...its vry difficult to figure out the reason for this downfall

i think for 1 call cutoff would be 90-95...its a low scoring paper

total attempt : 31
correct : 18
wrong : 13
total : 59....i feel like hanging myself

i got a zip file of some 15 mocks of prev season(AIMCAT 09)....but sending them will be a big problem...whts the solution???

OA 78.89
QA i got 90.57 in contrast to ultra poor past performances...quite happy dat little bit of summer preparation do worked :)
Missed VA cutoff by 1 mark...
Messed up DI bigtime...
Edit: and i got 48...someday someway my scores will be brighter

And that's ur way of ninja...way to go naruto !!
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Total score : 88 ( AIR :219)
OA : 98.63

QA: 96.82
VA : 95.99
DI : 90.62

I have a question for all those folks who have cleared CAT or managed to get a call...
Though i have cleared all the sectionals here....i am skeptic about getting any calls from iim ..because in none of my sections i have performed "too good" . Please share your experience or provide any suggestion.

QA - 99.99
DI - 97.31
VA - 91.48
OA - 99.89
City Rank(Delhi)-1
AIR - 18

nice score dude....keep rocking...
LDI - 38
VA-19 :(

OA score - 85 (98.19 percentile)
AIR - 290

dude i hopw u convert the calls this year
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dude, one observation. For the previous aimcats conducted, the cut-offs are matching with the score... So , if for further mocks, they match, Its not fair, as the cut-offs are pre-decided rather than percentile based!!!!

Iam referring to the 19th aimcat link given on the last page.

hey its not like dat i think.....its not predecided...when the actual cutoff comes its near tht 85% range..u can chk it out..wnvr ur sectional score exactly matches the cutoff ur sectional %ile will be near 85%...not applicable for total cutoff though.....:nono:
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maheshhg13 Says
I guess TIME is goin for psychometric analysis thing like prometric...and ya it is actually preparing us for CAT ... it is teaching is how to wait patiently .. even for the exam which has gone bad...:)

hahahahahhahahaha well said.....