Anyone from mumbai appearing for June'14 Level 2? If interested we can form a study group and meetup say on weekends to solve questions and doubt me on 8879464420 for the same..cheers!

vijay ac @ac.vijay
in a 4 digit no wit distinct digits , d sum of its middle digits equals d sum of its extreme digits. d sum of d 2nd and 4th digit equals d 5 times d sum of d other 2 digits. if d sum of its digits is 18. wat s d sum of all the possible values of the hundreds digit? options are 21,24,27,30
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@krazykunal1410 Hi Kunal, Yet i hvnt gt any on profile still d status is applied.
Sorry yaar..but i think you haven't made it this time around..and i say this based on the HR comments that all the offer mails have been rolled out. Hope you see you in the next batch surely!! ATB!!
  • I have applied to the batch 6, got cal 4 GD n PI, do u hv.... 14 Jul '13.
  • how r u at neemrana.. 14 Jul '13.
@998420 said:
1. It is Approved by Govt of Rajasthan. Yes U can't compare with IIM's, still I feel the kind of exposure u will get during Intern/Job will be tremendous. 2. You can Pre pay remaining amount after 3 years on Job. So in short Bond period is only for 3 years.3. Can you plz gave the details of Sr Batch candidates so that I can talk to him. I totally disagree. Insurance will be entirely diff company of ICICI Group. We will be posted in CBG/Risk/IT where no sales is required.4. 1 Yr NISM program guys were getting 83k inhand (12.5 mentioned + 1.2L HRA for Tier 1 City). So pl be bit logical as we will be getting more than 15L5. Posting will be decided by HR / Business head depends on demand & supply at the time of your joining. However Profile depends on your Past Exp/Grades during Term 1 & Personaliy Test. 6. We will be eveluated every year & u can expect appraisal in the month of march.7. Yes we have to submit all original docs for 5 years ( 2 yrs MBA Program + 3 Yrs Job) not 7 years. Pl be sure that they keep your doc very safely 8. Culture is good as we will be posted in corporate section. Life in Retail is entirely diff.I tried to ans at my best. still if you have any ques then let me know.
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@998420Dude,All these questions have been answered previously by some of your other batchmates...I'm still amazed, how ppl here can be so influenced by some frustrated RETAIL BANKING employee....And by the way... the best way to put an end to the endless discussion, would be...Any of the senior batch fellow could share the experience and the nature of work you did/ doing in internship...Please keep the description very precise and descriptive instead of just quoting as good exposure...I hope someone could do that....and we all would be very greatful
Guys..+1 to you both...These are point blank correct answers to the questions posted and i have verified it myself.
Just to put what you said from a more philosophical(read: shayrana) way:

Ghar se chale hai to manzil mil hi jaegi..
Gumraah to woh hai jo ghar se nikle hi nahi.
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@Seniors: A quick question: What are the facilities available in hostel, what all do I need to bring with me? Also keeping in mind that summer is approaching, what options do we have in hostel?
Adding to already asked good is the 10K amount during hostel days? does it cover basic expenses?? And will be be sharing hostel rooms or individual barracks for all?
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Guys...anyone else from Pune???? If there, you can join us.... @krazykunal1410@arnab2312 and myself.....

@7sanjay.b said:
@1985amit What cud be the probable field for a mechanical Power industry fellow with an more analytical approach, and less interest in persuading others(sales).....This is what i'm and whats exactly seen in OPQ.....I guess i'm asking so much...but couldn't stop...Do we need to bring all the books....
Dude..are we on for the meting this Sat/Sun??
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Hi guys n gals, congratulations, I have been a silent observer of this forum and would like to thank you all for your inputs .for those who didn't get the letter: best of luck for the pending results.for those who did: lets get together at this fb page for batch 5.
What about people who got selected and are not on Facebook and want to be a part of the group and discussions?
Anyone put down the papers yet?
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