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Its my diary where I will scribble when ever I wish to.........

Check that out n give ur comments

Please count me out....................

I am not in for the deal.
I am Buying HP's Laptop.

Sorry for writing this late??:

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Can somebody throw light on that when this deal is going to be finalised.

Since all results are out...this can be done soon.

n please tell who all people are going to negotiate with the dealers

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Count me in

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duplicate post


I am planning to buy a new laptop.

I have too many doubts ...it would be nice if anyone helps me with this.

First of all should i buy it from US or not.Here I am talking about dell laptop as people have been telling me tht if sth goes wrong its very difficult to get it serviced in India.
So I should try to get it here only.
Well I have come across this very good deal which will cost me 43K from US but If I buy the same think I am sure tht would cost me >60K.
I dont know wht to do about tht.

Secondly Should i go for Vista or not since its relatively new ...it might create issues.

Kindly reply.......really need help.
I am unable to decide wht I should do

Hello guys...

Hey does anybody of you which deal have xlri people finalised for laptop n what is the configuration.
Guys if u have any idea please reply

I have n't received the confirmation for payment of fees yet :neutral: .
I payed thru ICICI.
Has everybodu else received it.

Count me in for dell.

but lets decide configuration pehle.
n I m ready to shell out maximum 50k.

N Since I dont have much knowledge abt which laptop to buy:wow: you guys will have to pour in ideas.
This bulk idea looks just fine if it can save us 10k-15k

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indeepthought Says
Depends on the company. Some allow as little as 12-13 months...others look for 24 months...Avg is around 17-18 months
Are the companies who look for 24 months-very strict about it.Would they consider a person with experience 23 months and some days??
According to me it shouldn't make much difference but please throw some light on how strict they are abt this.